65 t-shirts –> Quilt

For anyone who knew me in college, I was constantly collecting Temple t-shirts {and mostly free ones}. It all began at Temple Fest freshmen year where everyone from the Gen Ed table to Chabad was handing out shirts. Then came Convocation where I got a shirt for the School of Media and Communication, and it piled on from there. For every campus event, sporting event and on-campus job, I was bringing home cherry and white shirt after cherry and white shirt.
Once I moved home after graduation, I finally had all my t-shirts in one place and counted them. I had 65 t-shirts in total. Since I wasn’t wearing all of them and most were for specific events like Homecoming or Temple Made Live, I decided to get a quilt made of all my memories because I didn’t want to get rid of the shirts. My mom and I decided it would be my graduation gift.

All my Temple t-shirts stacked.

After talking to my friend’s sister, I was introduced to Project Repat and went on the site to find out how to get my t-shirts turned into a quilt. It was very easy. I counted how many shirts I wanted in the quilt and ordered a twin size quilt with red fleece on the back. Project Repat’s website had easy step by step directions on how to cut and ship my shirts. I decided on the layout below, took a picture and shipped them my shirts.

24 shirts summing up 4 years at Temple

In less than a month, I received my beautiful quilt. It was perfect! All my shirts looked great, and the company did an incredible job. I am so glad Amanda recommended Project Repat to me, and I highly suggest them to anyone who was to turn their t-shirts into a memory filled quilt.


My finished quilt!



Cheers to Another Weekend

January is flying by! In college, my semesters flew by because I lived week to week seeing what assignments were due for classes and before I knew it midterms were happening and then finals. My planner has replaced my  classes syllabi now, and I follow it to see how busy my week will be. This week was scheduled to work seven days, but everything went smooth, and I never felt stressed or overwhelmed. Here’s a quick recap of my weekend.

Friday: After work, I went to a local gym for a three day trial with Erica. It was nice and felt so good getting back to a normal gym for the first time since August.

Saturday: I began cleaning my room once I got up and am working on reorganizing different areas. Today my focus was clothes and I sifted through my closet and pulled out anything too small or that I didn’t wear anymore.

For a while, I talked to my mom about making a blanket out of some of my Temple t-shirts since I accumulated so many {65 to be exact!!}. So after talking to friends, I learned about Project Repat from my friend Amanda and chose which shirts I wanted sewn into a blanket. I gathered 21 total shirts and decided on this layout and cannot wait to get the finished product back in the mail!

img_8024 img_8029

After cleaning, I met Erica at the gym. The woman at the front desk upgraded our three day free trial to a 30 day one! We chose to begin with some cardio on the spin bikes and finished with abs and arms. I can’t wait to work out everyday {well almost everyday}.


Right after the gym, I came home, showered and drove down to XFINITY Live to shoot night photos of people in their bars. It was my first time there shooting something other than a sports crowd or event. I brought along my new external flash. I enjoyed shooting the crowd and live band and learning to adapt to the lighting inside.

dsc_9783 dsc_9730

Sunday: Day 7 of 7! On my way to work today, I walked through Rittenhouse Square and saw this sign on the statue leftover from the Women’s March on Philadelphia the day before. After seeing post after post from my family and friends who marched in Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles and others, I was so overwhelmed with happiness, respect and pride for all the women {and men} who marched. I hope to be apart of any future marches.


Today, I was back with my Philly mag family for our first ever Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux event at The Rittenhouse. The morning began with set-up and carefully opening the bottles of wine for each table. Once the event began, guests poured in {pun intended} and filled the newly renovated ballroom. The whole event was beautiful and classy. I tried both red and white wines. While I still am not a big fan of the reds, I did LOVE the sweet white wines I tried and hope to have them again.

img_8044 img_8047 img_8048

This weekend reinforced my favorite quote, “Do it with passion or not at all.” It’s so important to me to do things I love because it really doesn’t feel like work. I didn’t mind working all week because I love photography and events. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given to be creative, work with clients in various industries and learn from the best! I cannot wait to see what the year brings and am excited to take every chance I can to learn and develop my skills.


Senior Year, Work

Bye 2016!

2016 was by far the busiest and most challenging year yet for me. It was filled with nothing but change and learning how to adapt. I experienced highs like graduation and getting a full-time job to lows like adjusting to post college life and watching friends move to different cities for work and grad school.

In the beginning of the year, I found more opportunities to do freelance photography and picked up a couple internships and part-time jobs to stay busy ! As the year progressed, I attended lots of concerts and events and did my best to keep in touch with friends and reconnect with ones from high school. There was a lot of overthinking, wishing I could just go back to Temple and uncertainty, but I’ve found happiness being home with my family, bonding with my coworkers, meeting new people through my jobs and at events, visiting friends still at Temple and redecorating and organizing my room and closet. There are still days I want to go back to Temple or daydream about living in London again, I am so thankful to work at Philadelphia magazine and am soo proud of what I’ve accomplished this year.

Since a lot happens in 365 days, here’s a little recap of some of my favorite events and most memorable moments from the year!


-Started my last semester of college

-Began interning as a Junior Public Relations Associate at Flackable 

-Owlchella concert at the Liacouras Center

– Jack’s Mannequin concert at the Electric Factory



-Philly Cooks event


-First full-time job interview

-David Cook concert at Union Transfer with Mom and Alexa

-Wedding Wednesday event

-Penn State visit with Anastasia and Erica


-Vance Joy concert and Radio 104.5 Studio Session



-Last day interning at Philadelphia magazine and Flackable 


-Last PRowl meeting

-Last Res Life staff meeting and RA End of the Year Banquet


-Began working as a Marketing Associate for the Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia

-Began working as a Hostess for ShutterBooth



-Wine Festival event

-GRADUA”][“TION from Temple University!!


-Last day as an Owl Coordinator/Ambassador with Temple Admissions



-Last day at Sesame Place after six and a half years in Photo/Rentals & Reservations


-Began working as an Account Coordinator at Philadelphia magazine!!!


Radio 104.5 Birthday Show concert with Anastasia & seat upgrades

Firefly Music Festival with Anastasia, Erica and Noa in The Woodlands



-First of many times dog sitting- this time with Miles, Winston and Ollie


-Best of Philly event


-Began working at XFINITY Live! as a photographer


-Turned 22!


The Lumineers concert with Lauren


Radio 104.5 Summer Block Party with Emma

-Dog sitting again- this time with Stella


-First Temple Homecoming as an alumna



-Whiskey Festival event



-NEED TO BREATHE concert at the Electric Factory

-Family Vacation: Cruise from Tampa, Florida to Cozumel, Mexico



-Trip to visit Paulina in New York City


-Ice Skating and Sushi with Nicole in Philly

Thanks for a great one, 2016. I’m ready for you 2017 and hopefully you bring less big changes but just as many opportunities, events and concerts!


Photography, Work

Events on Events

The past couple weeks have been very event heavy! Between Philly mag, XFINITY Live and ShutterBooth, I have several events Monday through Sunday. Work at Philly mag has also been crazy with three of my custom publications shipping last and this week. Here’s a brief recap of some of the events I’ve worked the past couple of weeks. Then this week I have Design Home Ladies’ Night, Whiskey Fest and a bunch of Halloween events plus a bridal show on Sunday for Philadelphia Wedding. 


Wedding at the Front & Palrmer for ShutterBooth


Be Well Philly’s Underground- Downward Dog and Drinks at Eastern State Penitentiary


Planking during yoga!


Design Home Events= Di Bruno Bros. Catering!


Enjoying the roof with Kaylie!


Master Bedroom in Design Home


Looking down into the living room


Photographing Catfish and the Bottlemen


Castfish and the Bottlemen at the Electric Factory


In love with the flowers during Design Home tours!


Went to South Pacific at the Walnut Street Theatre


Photographing at XFINITY Live during the Eagles game

That’s all for now! I’m excited for this week and will have a bunch of more pictures to share once Design Home and Whiskey Fest wrap up!




For many people Friday means WEEKEND aka no work, free time, relaxation etc. But for some, like me, it means more work. I am currently working full time at Philly mag as well as a few part-time jobs. I love it because my jobs are fun and related to photography, one of my passions but some days the hours are long. Some weeks I work seven days a week and other weeks, I work double days where I put in a full day at Philly mag then going to an event or shoot at XFINITY Live. The days are long and busy, but so worth it because I love the people I work for.

On Friday, I went right from work, met up with my friend Lauren and had Hip City Veg for the first time, then hopped in an Uber to go to the Mann Center to see The Lumineers. I was so excited for this concert ever since I heard they were coming to Philly back in June. A couple years ago, they played at Firefly Music Festival. I actually was with Lauren that year, and our friends and I didn’t really love the band. We went into the silent disco and when we came out, their set was on. Lauren and I sat in a hammock by the main stage and listened to them play “Ho Hey” and then went about our day. I wish I would’ve known more about them a couple years ago!

I got my tickets back in June, and the week leading up to the show, Radio 104.5 was giving away meet and greet passes. Despite all my entries and tweets {that were favorited by both Radio 104.5 and The Lumineers} I didn’t win but was still very excited for the show. Lauren and I went to the show and actually got upgraded seats because of an obstructed stage view so that was pretty nice!

The show was incredible! Rayland Baxter and BØRNS were the openers and were great. Then The Lumineers came on around 9:30pm and played a long and killer set. They did all my favorites: “Cleopatra,” “Slow It Down,” “Dead Sea” and closed with “Stubborn Love.” I loved watching them and hearing the background behind some songs from the lead vocalist, Wesley Schultz. Towards the end of their set, the whole band came to a stage in the middle of the venue and played “Classy Girls,” and I ran right up to the barricade. I am so glad I went to the show and cannot wait to see them again!

After a long day Friday, I slept in a little Saturday then headed into the city to pick up the photo booth for a wedding at the Ballroom at the Ben in Center City. The wedding was beautiful, and I mastered setting up a closed booth thanks to my boss’ instructions and pictures via text. Trust me, it is harder than it looks!


Then finally Sunday, I photographed the Eagles vs. Browns game. Everywhere on XFINITY Live was packed, and I had to move around like I was back in a frat basement {beer spilled on the floor included}, but full events make shooting easy and look great in pictures.


That’s the end of my weekend. Now I am working on editing the photos from today to send over to XFINITY Live and will get ready for work tomorrow. Happy Sunday!






Post- College Blues

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while, but I’m back and blogging. In the past couple of months, a lot has happened. I started working at Philadelphia magazine in June and have adjusted to commuting to Philly via good old SEPTA daily. I got so used to my 7 minute drive to Sesame Place or a short 15 minute subway ride to my internships, so my new commute was a big change.

I also got another part-time job shooting events for Xfinity Live {that’s job number four in case you were counting}. I am happy to be back doing more photography on the side. This weekend included Xfinity events, a bridal show for Philadelphia Wedding and Brooklyn Brewery Mash Tour in Northern Liberties and Fishtown.


Xfinity Live’s En Vivo Festival crowd panoramic


Bridal show with my work wife, Giovanna


Brooklyn Beer with my parents

The past couple weeks have been insanely busy. It’s my busy season at work as a lot of my publications are closing the next couple weeks. I also have had a bunch of after work events and shooting events on week nights and weekends. The good part is that I am finally using my new laptop I got for Christmas and am able to edit photos really quickly. I’ve also been taking advantage of whatever free time I have and am going back and editing photos that have been sitting on my old computer for years. Tonight, I edited David Cook photos from the spring and am currently working on Bastille from junior year. My favorite part of editing photos in finding gems like the ones below that I didn’t realize I took.

With all this craziness with my jobs, I still have post college blues. I miss Temple and still visit once in a while to see friends and go to the gym, but I wish I was back on-campus for another year. Seeing all my old photos on Timehop and my friends’ SnapChat stories the past couple of weeks made me miss my friends, RA training, move-in and Welcome Week. It’s still hard to believe I was moving into Hardwick Hall four years ago and how much I’ve learned, grown and experienced since then. For me, saying goodbye and watching friend after friend go back to school, move to another city for graduate school or a new job has been really difficult. I am used to saying bye to friends for the summer but once August rolled around, we all came back to campus. It’s not the same anymore. The transition has been hard socially. It was much nicer when I would text or GroupMe my friends daily to get lunch or dinner with and go to the Tech Center. Now it’s planning dinner dates weeks in advance and trying to find time to hang out. Things are changing, but hopefully everything works out!

Here’s to my last couple days being 21, enjoying what’s left of summer and a fall full of concerts!