Recapping Sophomore Year

Just some of my favorite pictures from the past year!                                                           {Bill Clinton, Homecoming, Sara Bareilles, & of course my friends!}

Hello summer!!

I have to say, I am quite glad to be done with sophomore year. This year was very busy and challenging to put it lightly. I spent most of the year running from class to job #1 to job #2 to a student organization meeting to a night class to the gym and sometimes making time to eat and sleep in between {sometimes}. To say I was stressed is an understatement but hey, I survived.

Looking back, I learned a lot. I learned saying yes to new opportunities leads to great experiences and memories. I learned how to handle rejection and disappointment {multiple times} and learn from it to improve for next time. I learned how important it is to write everything down in my planner so no work shifts or meetings are forgotten. I learned going to the gym is a great escape for me whether I needed to take a break from studying for an exam or to just relax and burn some calories to my favorite songs {mostly Taylor Swift & Maroon 5}. I learned how important my friends were, both my ‘][‘emple and home ones, and how  they were always there to listen to me and offer advice when I was feeling down. I learned sometimes the best thing to do after a long week was to put my homework away, have fun and go out to with my girls {work hard, play hard!}.

For me, sophomore year was 100 times crazier than freshman year. The two years were really different but still really awesome {in their own ways}. I definitely pushed myself to my limit sometimes but somehow got everything done in the end. So here is to summer 2014 and it’s days filled with long hours working at Sesame Place, hanging out with friends, going to Mexico for vacation with my family, attending the Firefly Music Festival and a couple other concerts and reading as many books as I can before I head back to Temple in August for junior year!

Do you have any exciting plans for the summer?



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