Some Infinities are Bigger Than Other Infinities

Kristen & I waiting for the movie to start

*Spoiler Alert for The Fault in Our Stars!*

I don’t go to the movies often but when I do it’s because there is movie I really want to see {and pay $12 for}. Friday night I saw The Fault in Our Stars with my best friend Kristen. I was excited to see the movie after reading the novel by John Green at the beginning of my summer break. The movie was amazing and did the book justice- I was quite happy.

I was eager to read the book once my final exams ended after especially since almost all of my friends read and raved about it. I have read many love stories {mostly the amazing Nicholas Sparks} but like everyone said, this story was different. It wasn’t just about two characters falling in love but about living your life and taking chances. One of the main characters, Hazel has cancer and is constantly worried about hurting the people around her especially after her death. The other main character, Augustus, who also has cancer, is concerned with fading into oblivion and not being remembered. The two meet and learn from each other as they fall in love  as they battle their cancers {you have to read the book to find out more!}.

In the movie, the actors, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, had incredible on screen chemistry and portrayed the characters of Hazel and Augustus beautifully. They brought the quotes to life and made me want to reread the book again. As a quote lover, hearing Ansel say “that’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt” made the story real and made me think and reflect on my own life. The music was also great and fit the movie very well. It featured songs by Ed Sheeran and Birdy {I am actually listening to the soundtrack right now as I type}.  For me, the music helps tell you how to feel and evoke how the characters are feeling.

Like all book to movies- there are some things I wish were different. I really wanted to see more of their trip to Amsterdam when they spent time sightseeing. I think it was such a strong part of the book and allowed readers to go on an adventure with them and was cut too short in the movie. I also wanted to see more of Augustus getting sick once they returned home. I think it would have really made the movie more well-rounded because they really skimped on the second half of the book and elaborated a ton on the beginning to set the scene. The ending was just as essential to telling the story.

Overall, the movie was worth the wait, so go see it. You’ll walk away saying the word “okay” a little differently, but please- read the book first so you have a full understanding and greater appreciation for the story of Hazel and Augustus.



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