Time for Firefly Music Festival

Firefly Music Collag
My Firefly Wristband

I usually go to 3 or 4 concerts a year but this year I really splurged and am going to the Firefly Music Festival- a 4 day outdoor music festival in Dover, Delaware. I am so excited but also a little anxious because I have nothing done {whoops}.

I leave tomorrow afternoon and haven’t had anytime to plan much less pack! I  have been working non-stop at Sesame Place {like 10 hour days nonstop}, and my department just promoted 3 new supervisors. I took off 5 days from work for the festival and know something crazy will probably happen when I am gone {it always does!}.

Anyway, here I am at 11pm the night before I have to leave and spending time online since I will pretty much be deprived of technology for a few days. I anticipate coming back to 400 emails between all my accounts…

Back to Firefly- I am really excited to see a ton of bands and artists {Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers, Third Eye Blind, Cash Cash-just to name a few}. I just downloaded the app and started planning out what artists I want to see since there are 7 stages total. It will definitely a few busy and exciting days with many firsts for me. Like camping outside for 4 and a half days with my friends and not having running water and electricity. Let’s just hope the weather holds out. There is supposed to be thunderstorms the next 5 days and temperatures in the 80s. I also hope I can keep my phone and camera charged to get some awesome pictures.

No matter what happens I will make the best of it and dance in the rain if I have to. I can’t wait to get there, meet up with friends from Temple and hear new bands and artists. Well, I guess I should go start packing now. Have a great week and weekend! I will be sure to write a recap post once I return to civilization.



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