Firefly Recap

Just one picture from my mini photo shoot around the festival.

WOW. That’s what I have to say about the Firefly Music Festival. WOW! It was an incredible long weekend, and I wish I could relive it again. It started off great driving down to Delaware Wednesday evening with my four friends. We had music playing and couldn’t wait to get to the Woodlands. We were lucky to have premier camping, which let us arrive a day before the festival {and majority of attendees}. It also let us camp super close to the festival entrance {an added plus}.

Selfie on our way to Delaware! Here is the 1803N Crew!
Tents for days! This just a small portion of the premier camping sites.

The whole weekend was amazing. I learned how to pitch a tent, cook on a gas grill, go without showering for 5 days {don’t judge…. everyone did it}, find my friends in a crowd of 80,000 people with limited directions {still laughing about this one}, see some of my favorite bands/artists and discover new ones I like, and walk around in a crop top and flower crown like a flower child. I cannot express how much fun I had- it was one of the best experiences of my life. Everyone I met was so happy and nice. We also had great neighbors next to our camp site. There were high school seniors from Maryland, a senior from my own high school {Pennsbury High School- what a small world} and a group of 30 year old guys who were music festival veterans and attended Coachella and Firefly in past years. Before going into the festival and late at night, we’d all sit around together and recap what we did that day. Getting to know our neighbors was fun and interesting to see the different generations that attended the festival.

Imagine Dragons!!

Over the course of 4 days, I saw about 31 bands and heard pieces of others as I walked around the festival. I loved the diversity of the lineup from Outkast to Jack Johnson and Pretty Lights. My favorites were Cash Cash, Imagine Dragons, Third Eye Blind and Martin Garrix, but I enjoyed every band I saw. The hardest part was figuring out which band I wanted to see because several overlapped or played at the exact same time. The Firefly App made this a little easier because it allowed you to create your own daily schedule. The only people I wanted to see but missed were A Great Big World and Christian Porter, but hopefully I’ll get to see them sometime soon.


I was lucky enough to have attended this year with 3 people who went last year and learned from their mistakes of not bringing essential items {like lights}. If you’re a festival newbie here are some tips to get the best possible festival experience!

1. Reach out to seasoned pros: Text or Facebook anyone you know who went to any music festival before. This is what I did! A couple days before, I was texting my friends and asking what I should pack and what to expect. They told me things I need to pack and how to get the most of the festival. Everyone is different but the more prepared you are the better.

2. Wear sneakers or closed in shoes: Flip flops and sandals are not good shoes for walking and standing for 13 hours. At Firefly, some acts started at 12:30pm and the last one ended at 2am- they were very long days. I bought cheap grey Van-like sneakers at Payless just for the weekend. They weren’t the most comfortable but they kept me feet pretty clean. My friend wore flip flops and her feet were filthy and covered in several layers of dirt. Plus being in large crowds also leads to you getting stepped on a lot and no one wants crushed toes.

3. Get a solar charger: This is what I really needed the most {even more than a shower}!! While Firefly provided several charging stations, there was almost always a long wait for peoples’ phones to fully charge. I didn’t use my phone a lot this weekend but wanted it to meet up with friends and take pictures, and no iPhone battery can last 5 days. I also had my camera that only lasted a day.

4. Explore by yourself: One of my friends recommended that I walk around alone sometimes and see bands alone. She said it was “completely different and enlightening.” I took her advice and went to Tegan and Sara, Grouplove, and Imagine Dragons alone. I was able to move around and get up as close as I could. I also walked around the festival the last day by myself- this is when the mini photo shoot took place. Walk around by yourself so you can take your time and see everything the festival has to offer.

The 4 days of Firefly! My hair gets a little bigger each day.

Overall, have fun and enjoy yourself. My friends and I made so many great memories like “Do you go to state?” and “HEYYY!” {inside jokes}. It was also funny looking at myself on the last day and how gross I was. All I could do is laugh about it especially when one of the vendors touched my hair and asked if I had deadlocks… nope sir, I just have 5 day old, dirty hair {whoops}.

A beautiful sunset on Sunday, the last day of Firefly.


Being at the festival, it feels you travel to a far away land during the festival and that reality doesn’t exit. I loved Firefly so much that today, I bought a 4 day pass for next year via the early bird special {and it was the first purchase on my new credit card!!}. I cannot say enough about how amazing Firefly was and can’t wait for the lineup for 2015 to be released!!



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