Forever in Love with Words

d67a9537ca23c4a2e7d91a3e75ad82e7For me, I have always loved quotes whether they are from a book, movie, song, or just something people say often. I have a whole picture album on my computer of my favorite quotes that I find on Tumblr or Pinterest that inspire me. I love looking at pictures of a beautiful quote on an equally beautiful background. Some of my friends will tell you I sometimes speak in inspirational Pinterest quotes sometimes when giving advice, which I find funny. I use quotes to give me the strength to get through difficult situations and remind me that things will be okay.



Last night, I Googled quotes about letting go. I have been going through some things with a close friend of mine and needed to be reminded that things will get better. I also was able to lean on several friends for support and encouragement {all of whom I love and am so grateful to have in my life}. Even when one friendship seems to be ending due to reasons beyond my control, I was reminded that I am so lucky to have so many strong friendships still.

It is always hard losing a friend. I have only really lost one good friend so far in my 19 years, but I might be losing another. It is hard to look at all the pictures we took together and think about all the times we shared staying up until 2am in Hardwick Hall or laying in bed watching a scary movie or simply walking around campus or grabbing lunch or dinner. It is hard to think of all the memories we shared and experiences we went through together in two short years and how much more we thought there would be in the future. Losing a friend is like a break up with a significant other. There is positives and negatives and things left unsaid.

In the end, I know that everything will be fine and that it may be time to move on and recognize that not everyone is meant to stay in my life forever. I know that relationships are two way streets and that I cannot give forever and never receive anything in return especially when I need it most. I know that people change and make mistakes.

I cannot express how grateful I am for my friends that I can text at 11pm and have a full conversation with even before a full day of work ahead. I also love that quotes are always there for me to inspire, heal, and motive me to be the best person I can be.





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