New York, Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made of

Standing on the rocks in Central Park

Monday, I spent the day in NYC exploring with my best friend, Paulina. She was in the city for a conference, so we decided to meet up for the day and go sightseeing because why not?!

Central Park by the Met on the East Side

We spent the day roaming around the city and saw Times Square, Central Park, The Empire State Building, the New York City Public Library, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, The New York Times building, the Conde Nast Building {Paulina’s favorite} and more.

Times Square

While walking around, we saw two filmings: one was a photo shoot by Central Park {maybe for a fashion magazine?} and a video by 57th and 8th Ave. Gotta love how something exciting is always happening in the city.

Photo Shoot by Central Park

My favorite building was the Hearst Tower {}, home of Seventeen, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire!  It was so easy to find when we were in Central Park on the south side because of all the times I have Googled it in hopes of walking in one day for an interview for an internship or job. My dream is to walk in wearing business casual clothes and heels to go review pages for an upcoming issue or help decide what accessories to pack for an upcoming photo shoot.

Magazine Girls
Us at our respective publishing companies…. Future employees {fingers crossed}

It was also great to be in the city because we are both such big Gossip Girl fans {}, so we made it a point to sit on the steps at the Met like Serena, Blair and Jenny did {minus the yogurt} and see the Empire Hotel that Chuck owned. I miss the show so much and being in the city brought back all the memories of the young Upper East Siders as they called all the shots. One day that’ll be us being chauffeured around in black town cars from work to galas at night.

Met Steps
Sitting on the steps of the Met like Serena and Blair

Throughout the day, we walked a ton and found it pretty easy to navigate the city. We only took a few cabs when we really needed to go really far distances, so of course we both woke up the following day with sore legs, but it was worth it because we got to see Midtown, the West Side and some of the East Side that lined Central Park.

The only thing missing was spotting Taylor Swift! I have been following her whereabouts on Twitter and she spent the weekend in her Rhode Island home but returned to NYC on Monday. The trip would’ve been perfect to see her walking down the street heading to lunch or the gym {where she is typically photographed}. Hopefully we can find her next time!

Rockefeller Center

The day wouldn’t be complete without us having some minor difficulties {never a dull moment between the two of us}. On our way back to Philadelphia, we missed the Megabus we booked because of lots of traffic going to the bus station. So in the pouring rain, we headed into a McDonald’s and booked the next bus that didn’t leave for another 2 hours.We were lucky to have my parents pick us up from 30th Street Station at 1am, but we were grumpy and soaking wet. Note for the future to leave really early and do not miss the bus. This will be one of those stories we laugh about…. one day!

Rockefeller Center

In the end, we learned that you can throw us in any city, and we’re able to find our way and have a ton of fun.

Until next time NYC,




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