Little Black Dress Tour


Thursday night, I put on my new little black dress and drove down to Philadelphia with my best friend Bekah for Sara Bareilles’ Little Black Dress Tour.

Beautiful view of Philadelphia- day
and night

We arrived at The Mann Center for Performing Arts just a little after 5pm and heard Sara sound checking as I parked {so exciting!}. We stood in line until doors opened at 7pm. It was well worth standing outside for 2 hours to run up to the stage and be front and center!

Our view of the stage
Bekah and I front row

Sara came out around 9:15pm opening up with “Little Black Dress.” Her whole set was flawless as she performed my favorites like “I Choose You” and “Manhattan.” She also mixed in some older songs like “Love Song,” “Come Round Soon” and “Sweet as Whole.” One huge fan favorite was her cover of “Chandelier.” The whole audience loved it. Of course, her show wouldn’t be complete without her singing “Gravity” to an absolutely silent audience. I will never get tired of hearing her sing “Gravity” live especially hitting all the high notes.

???????????????????????????????After seeing her twice in concert already, I knew to expect her whitty banter, conversations with different people in the audience and incredible vocals. She is such a special artist because she writes her own music but has a really personal connection with her fans. Bekah has never seen Sara live before and was so amazed by how great she was live and promised to go to any other concerts with me.


I had to agree with her. This is the third time I have seen Sara live, and she hasn’t disappointed yet. Her set list is always carefully crafted and leaves me wanting more. I would be fine with her doing a 5 hour concert and singing each of her CDs start to finish {the dream}.


It was such a great night, and I am so glad that I was able to go with one of my best friends. While I don’t think Sara will be touring again anytime soon, hopefully she is already working on her next CD to be out sometime soon. I can’t go too long without her music. Until then, I’ll just keep checking her Twitter {@sarabareilles} and her website {} for any updates.

The last song- Satellite Call



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