Vacation 2014: Mexico!

Lets go to the beach, each

Monday night my family got back from Riviera Maya, Mexico after a 5 day vacation filled with sun, sand and lots of food!!

Flying in the clouds

We left Philadelphia International Airport at the crack of dawn on Thursday morning and faced a delay before we even left the runway {thanks to storms along the plane route}. Luckily, I slept most of the flight and woke up shortly before we arrived in Cancun. Getting off the plane, we were greeted by the high humidity but lots of sunshine. Next up was the hour and a half transfer bus to our hotel {cue another nap}. Finally, we arrived at the hotel- the Palladium White Sand Resort & Spa {} and settled into our room.

The Pool

After a little bit of cooling off in the air conditioning, it was time to explore the resort and have my first strawberry daiquiri of the vacation and yummy chicken quesadillas with a lot of guacamole {so good!}.


We eventually made it to the pool for a little bit before enjoying a nice buffet dinner and show in the outside theater of musicians covering famous rock songs.

Show night 2- Mayan history show

The next morning kicked off with a delicious breakfast buffet followed by a long day at the beach. Everyday was filled with lots of laying by the water in the blue lounge chairs and swimming in the ocean.

Beach dancing pictures- always a necessity


My sand castles

The water was a perfect comfortable temperature {not like the icy Atlantic Ocean in Jersey}. My family and I spent all day lounging on the beach, napping in the shade and walking on the white beach. I also spent some time snorkeling and got to see a bunch of fish swimming right below my feet. There was angel fish, yellow and black stripped ones and a bunch of silver skinny ones. On my next vacation, I definitely want to go on a snorkeling trip and see sea turtles and coral reefs.

Palm trees and sunshine

Each day, our lunches consisted of burgers and fries with cheese from an outdoor restaurant located right on the beach. Lunch was made complete with frozen yogurt for dessert. I also made sure to have as many strawberry daiquiris and frozen drinks as possible, which was made easy because of the convenient swim up bar in the pool.



Dinner was the best meal of the day. We went to an amazing steakhouse night two followed by authentic Mexican food night three and finally dined at an outdoor Italian restaurant the final night of the trip. Each meal began with a lavish salad bar followed by a 5 star entree and my favorite part- dessert!! I had cheese cake, chocolate mousse, and chocolate cake plus some of my family’s dessert items too. All the food at the resort was amazing, and I completely overate {whoops}. The resort covered a lot of land, so I am sure all that walking helped burn some calories {hopefully}.

Pasta on our final night
Chocolate Mousse– *drooling*

This was my ideal vacation. I love laying on the beach and reading. I even woke up early one morning to walk on the beach before people started coming onto the beach. The views from the whole resort were so breath taking. I spent a lot of time walking around and taking a ton of pictures everywhere I went. After the 5 days, I accumulated 377 total pictures {all which I am in the process of editing now}.


The resort also has made a lot of environmental and conservation efforts. Many of the plants were marked with their specific species, and there were also plaques explaining the different types of animals around the area. There was a few different types of wild birds plus flamingos, crocodiles, iguanas, and some small mammals that I called Honey Badgers {really they are coatis}. All over the resort, there was so much to see and do.


It was a perfect family vacation, and I just want to go back for a week {or two}!

Family on the beach
Last night boat ride around the resort
Back in Philly

Returning to work today was a bit rough. Some of my team members missed me and noticed how tan I was {yess}. Now summer is winding down. I have about 3 more weeks left before moving back to Temple {so excited to start my junior year}. So here’s to the rest of my summer and making the most of each day {in reality I will watch Scandal until 3am on my computer and go to work at Sesame}.



2 thoughts on “Vacation 2014: Mexico!

    1. Ahh Jess, it was incredible!! The resort is all-inclusive and I would recommend it. It has pros and cons as any resort does. The pros were the food {5 stars}, staff friendliness, wild animals that roam around the resort, closeness to the beach and beautiful pools were the best. On the other hand, the cons were the distance from the airport, size of the resort {we had to take trains from lobby to lobby} and helpfulness of the staff. If you find yourself looking to travel to Riviera Maya- check out this resort!

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