The one and only Olivia Pope.

This morning at 4:09am I finally finished season 3 of ABC’s Scandal!!

I started watching it July 16th when Paulina was over for a few days, and she suggested that we watch the pilot. Before that, I saw some episodes here and there when I was at school with her because she rarely missed a live episode.

I loved the pilot, and even after she went back home, I continued to watch episode after episode on Netflix. Since I work so much, the only time I could really crawl into bed with my laptop was late after 11pm. Each show was so good and left so many questions unanswered that I automatically watched another and another. Before I realized it, it was 3am and I had work at 8:30am {whoops}.

A wildly talented cast!

I was addicted and went through so many ups and downs with the characters that I would text Paulina and a few other friends who watched it everytime something big happened. I texted them when someone died, when  a secret was revealed, and when there was a major plot twist that left me shocked {which happened 10 times an episode}. It was such a great three seasons. I haven’t been this obsessed with a show since Gossip Girl!!

Everything is done so flawlessly. The script and sets are so brilliant, and the wardrobe of Olivia Pope is to die for- every PR girl’s dream!!

The music was also very appropriate and follows the show very well. My favorite song is the one that plays whenever Fitz & Olivia get together- it is call “The Light” by Olitz. It is so errie but beautiful. I love how it is used through all 3 seasons. It gives me goosebumps.

Many nights, I was able to multitask while watching Scandal. Some nights I was split screening {as I do a lot} and editing pictures or downloading new music for my iPod. Last night I even applied to work at Temple’s book store {always being productive}.

I did have some difficulties along the way. A couple of nights ago, my friend’s Netflix stopped working after an episode. Like STOPPED saying that there was an issue with payment {I started freaking out}. So at 12am, I was texting friends asking for their username and password, so I could feed my addiction and watch the next episode. I wound up making my own account and starting my 30 day free trial.

In the end, the season 3 finale was incredible. It left so many things hanging and my mind asking so many questions, but I cannot wait until September 25th at 9pm for season 4. I followed some cast members on Twitter and saw pictures of them on the set so now I am really excited and can read articles without spoilers.

If you have time, check out Scandal. I can’t promise you’ll love it, but if you do prepare to binge watch and not sleep for a couple weeks.





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