Decisions, Decisions

Pre-interview Picture


I am usually good at making decisions because I know what I want and if I am offered it, I happily accept. Yesterday, I had one hard decision.

I applied for 8 public relations/marketing internships for the fall semester at different agencies and firms in Philadelphia. After a couple of days and numerous emails, I was lucky enough to schedule 4 interviews.

Braithwaite Communications

My first one was yesterday at Braithwaite Communications {}. I had a great interview with a Temple graduate {hoot hoot!} and was offered the internship at the end of the interview. This was the good news. The hard part was she needed a decision by today.

With so little time to decide and no time to interview anywhere else, I immediately started reaching out to mentors and friends for advice. They all had really good insight and helped me figure things out.

I ultimately decided to accept the internship at Braithwaite Communications. I think it will be a great experience and teach me how a public relations agency runs. I can’t wait to start and learn new skills there.

My fall internship interview process taught me to:

  1. Apply early! I didn’t start applying until August 11th. I wish I would have applied mid-July and allowed myself more time to set up interviews and hear responses.
  2. Always ask for an informational interview! My mentor and friend, Eric, suggested to have an informational interview or get coffee with each of the agencies I applied to and had to cancel my interview with. These will help me learn more about the agency to guide any future internships.
  3. Follow your gut! This was such a difficult decision for me because of the time crunch. Normally, I have some time to make big decisions like this but not this time. Channeling my Olivia Pope, my gut was to take it and know it’ll be a great experience , and I still have other semesters to continue to intern. Always go with your gut but consider advice from others.

So there you go, I have secured a fall internship in addition to my 5 classes, independent study, and 2 jobs at Temple….. junior year here I come!!

Is anyone else interning or looking for a fall internship? Comment below!


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