Year 3

My Best Friend, Ilona and me on my last day for the summer!

Well hello! Sorry for the delay in my posts.

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. I was working at Sesame Place in overtime mode as my team leads went back to school one by one. My longest day was 11 hours! It wasn’t too crazy, but I was sad to leave my friends like Ilona since we basically see each other every day. I knew I had to go back to school, but it was hard knowing they were going to be so short staffed in supervisors.

Erica and Me on her last day
Then I was at Temple working 2 days as an Owl Ambassador. I missed campus and also wanted to still take part in Welcome Week since I was moving into my apartment so late this year. For those non-Temple students, Welcome Week occurs the week before classes start. All of the freshman move in and can attend different events like Temple Fest, where Liacouras walk is filled with student organizations giving away free stuff. I came back to attend Temple Fest {to get all the free stuff of course} and the college meetings {for the free SMC t-shirt}. It was nice being back on campus and got my excited for the upcoming year.

Temple Fest Balloons

Finally, Sunday the 24th rolled around, and it was time to move in! I began packing the week before my move in and couldn’t believe how much stuff I packed. Especially now living in an apartment, all the kitchen and bath supplies really add up in addition to my normal necessities. Not to mention all my clothes! I had 3 suitcases and 3 other bags just for my summer and fall clothing. Just wait until winter when I bring my jackets and winter coats. The morning of move in, I realized I needed 2 cars to transport all my belongings {whoops…}.

All packed!

Move in went well though. Since this was  my third time, my family knew exactly how to load and unload all my belongings quickly. Setting up my room was a breeze too since I lived in the same building as last year. I didn’t know any of my roommates, so it was a busy day of moving in and getting to know them.

My room
View #2

Then Monday was the first day of classes for Temple students, but I don’t have class Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Instead, Monday was my first day at Braithwaite Communications. I was excited and had high expectations for this internship and dreams of loving agency life. The first day consisted of a mini training. I met the two other interns I would be working with and some of the staff. They jumped right in had us read up on their long and diverse client list, learn and use Vocus and find articles for them to post on their social media. I am so happy I chose this agency and can’t wait to grow there this semester.

Monday was also my first day back at the gym since May! It was killer, and I learned my lesson to not take 3 months off from the gym. TUF was also super crowded because I guess all the freshman were already worried about gaining the freshman 15. It will be nicer once the gym isn’t quite so crowded.

Campus is always so beautiful!

The rest of the week went pretty smoothly as I went to all of my classes and did my reading assignments. As a junior, “syllabus week” doesn’t exist. I promptly had homework in all of of my classes due the second day. I also went to the gym everyday in a strive to get back to my normal workout routine.

Hanging with Nicole

Another big thing this week was I officially resigned from my job at Temple Telefund. I did not work there over the summer because of scheduling issues with Sesame and thought that I would work there in the fall. With my internship 2 days a week, 5 classes, and working at Owl Ambassador, I just didn’t want to over commit myself this semester. It was a huge step and will really affect my ability to pay my tuition bills, but it will help my sanity.

Reunited with Paulina!

So that is a little bit about my week. I also was very happy to be reunited with my friends and grab dinner and go out. I am heading back home tomorrow morning for a long weekend at Sesame followed by a day with the family on Monday to celebrate my birthday on the second.



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