Sesame Takes Citizens Bank Park

My View

After a long summer of team member call outs and running around all day in the heat, it was nice to have a fun night with other supervisors outside of the park. Sesame had free tickets to the Phillies game Tuesday night, and I took full advantage of skipping a night of homework to hang out with my friends.

The night started out with me taking the train to UPenn with Ryan to meet Erin and getting picked up by Ilona and Cara and then driving down to the parking lot by Wells Fargo.
Ilona and Ryan and Me
We tailgated with other supervisors and managers. I loved hanging out with everyone outside of work because we’re all so relaxed. There was food {yummy pulled pork sandwiches} and games for a bit before we headed inside the gate.
The Girls!
We walked into the stadium and found our seats in the 400 level. It was a great view of the park and perfect for watching the game. Just a bit windy. The night wasn’t complete with a bunch of pictures being taken and buying lots of food too {of course}.
The best supervisors of Merch!
Even though work is crazy and stressful sometimes, I am so glad to have such a great group of people by my side that are equally as hard-working. I was so glad I could go to the Phillies game with all of them because being at school isn’t the same as seeing them every day all summer. Thanks Sesame for a great night!!
Celebrating a Phillies win



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