Birthday Celebrations

The Girls in Rittenhouse Square

September is one of my favorite months. Not only is it my birthday month but also the perfect time of year when summer is wrapping up, and it gets a little chilly at night.

Cake on my birthday!

As I get older, my birthday gets less as less exciting. This year was nice though because I spent the weekend before at home, and I worked a couple of days then went to Eastern State Penitentiary and dinner with my family the day before my birthday.

Presents from the family

Then I came back to Temple and had 4 classes on my birthday, but my  day flew by. I was also lucky to be able to see several of my friends throughout the day. The best was when Emma surprised Paulina and me with ice cream cake at her house and Kate, Karen, Jenna and other friends were there as well. I had such a great birthday and am so thankful for all my friends who went of their way to make time to see and celebrate with me from 8am Tuesday to 2:30am on Wednesday morning.

My best friends since freshman year.

To extended the September birthdays, Paulina also turned 20 on the 15th. For her birthday, we decided to take advantage of restaurant week and went to D’Angelo’s Ristorante Italiano right by Rittenhouse Square. Paulina, Bryana, Nicole and I hopped on the subway and walked to the restaurant. The night was perfect an clear as we walked though the city all dressed up in heels. The restaurant was tucked away on 20th street and was so quiet. The food was fantastic. We all got soup, salad and bread {the perfect combination} and all had pasta for our entrees followed by delicious cannolis {THE BEST PART!}. I am so glad we went to restaurant week! Last year we went to Morton’s Steakhouse and had another amazing meal. Restaurant week happens twice a year in the fall and spring and is the perfect time to go to restaurants you normally can’t afford but for $35 and a 4 course meal- even us poor college students can go!

Pasta, pasta, pasta!!
Me, Paulina and Nicole

After dinner, I demanded that we take pictures because I love taking pictures with my friends when we’re all dressed up. I brought my small digital camera {no iPhones for this occasion!}.

DSCN1885 (2)
Paulina and Me

We started taking pictures in Rittenhouse Square and had mini-flashbacks to when we did the same thing last March when we celebrated Kajal’s birthday.

DSCN1902 (2)
Nicole and Me

The picture didn’t stop there of course. We then went over to City Hall to recreate the pictures we took last year in the middle of Broad Street. It is so beautiful there at night with all of the lights and City Hall in the background. We couldn’t resist running into the middle of the street and snapped away {even when we got honked and yelled at… oops}.

DSCN1909 (2)
City Hall!
DSCN1914 (2)
September Birthday Girls!

I am so glad we took these picture, and it reminded how much I love photography. This month has been flawless so far for several reasons. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store as I celebrate being 20!



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