Happy Friday!

Photo Credit: http://minblogini.blogspot.com/2013_01_01_archive.html


After a crazy, stressful week of exams and assignments, I was so happy to live to Friday! Last night was perfect and even though I only got 3 hours of sleep {who needs sleep anyway?}. My Friday was pretty flawless too!!

My program and name tag from the event

I woke up early to get ready for work and helped in the Owl Ambassador office prepping for our fall open house on Sunday. Then I left midday to attend the Lewis Klein Alumni in the Media Awards. I got to meet other scholarship recipients. I also shook hands with Brian Williams from NBC10 and had a photo taken with him and other students. It was also nice to see PR friends and catch up.

Kaitlyn and I
John Oates giving his speech.

In the luncheon, I heard from several of the honorees including Tracy Davidson from NBC10, John Oates and Brian Williams, the Lew Klein Excellence in the Media Honoree. It was such a lovely event and an honor to attend with established industry professionals. After the lunch, I headed back to work and gave an afternoon tour.

Brian Williams

The tour group was very enthusiastic and asked great questions. Following my tour, several parents complimented me on my tour, which always reinforces why I love what I do.

I went to the gym and got a delicious turkey burger from Morgan Hall. Now I am in my EMPTY apartment getting things done. I have to say, I picked the very best weekend to stay at Temple and not go home for work. Four of my five roommates decided to go home. There is something so nice and peaceful about an empty apartment, and I LOVE IT.

So I am off to complete scholarship applications, edit pictures and do some homework. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



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