Headshots in Philadelphia

Nick and Maria, my two models for the day.

I am back doing photography and am loving it! A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Nick, asked me to take headshots of him for his company. Of course I said yes and couldn’t wait to get back behind the camera. He brought along his co-worker, Maria, and the three of us headed down to Center City for a mini-photoshoot.

The day before, Paulina and I walked around the city and also took pictures, so I would know where I wanted to shoot Nick and Maria.

Paulina in Washington Square Park
Model- Paulina

So on a beautiful Saturday morning, Nick, Maria, and I drove down to Old City. I took pictures of them in Washington Square Park and stopped at some streets along the way.

Below are my 4 favorites of the almost 200 I took that day! Yes- I take A LOT of pictures…. just ask my computer that has about 10,000 unedited pictures dating back to fall 2012.

My favorite photo of Nick.
My favorite photo of Maria.
Maria by the fountain in Washington Square Park
Nick on the steps.

Overall, it was a great day that ended with a delicious meal in Manayunk! I was so happy to get back into photography and use my camera again. I don’t take pictures often because I am so busy with school and working, but whenever I am behind the camera, I am extremely happy. Thanks to Paulina, Nick and Maria for being great models.

It also was great to have others see my work and ask if I was a photography major. While I am not pursing photography in college, I will always work to incorporate into my life as much as possible {no matter what}.

Do you love photography, have photography tips or need pictures taken? Don’t hesitate to contact me!



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