Bastille- “Bad Blood” The Last Stand Tour


Tuesday night was incredible!  I went to the Bastille concert on-campus at the Liacouras Center. Three weeks ago, I persuaded Paulina and Bryana to buy student tickets with me. We were so excited to go {even though we really only knew a few songs but still a concert is a concert!}.


Then, I got the idea to try and photograph the show for a Temple organization after my friend Kajal got a press pass for another concert in Philly. I pitched the idea to my photo editor at the Templar, Temple’s yearbook. My editor recommended that I ask my friend Paulina and shoot for Her Campus, an online college magazine, instead. I talked to Paulina and eventually emailed Bastille’s management and several people at the Liacouras Center asking for a press pass. I didn’t hear from anyone and started to give up hope until my friend Kaitlyn gave me the contact information for the marketing manager at the venue. I then emailed her and eventually got approved for a press pass for the show.

Before the concert, I was so excited and ready that I skipped going to the gym and went to Paulina’s room to get ready. We left her room around 7pm, and I arrived to pick up my pass and was also given a complimentary floor ticket.

A few minutes before 8pm, Kaja, the marketing manager brought all the photographers down to the floor level and backstage. We got to see the backstage area and where food services was all set up then waited next to the half full pit for the openers to come out.

The Stage

Bastille signed a Los Angeles band, Grizfolk as their openers for several dates for the tour. As a photographer, I got to shoot their three songs then had to wait back on the concourse. It was challenging to shoot the band with the semi-dark lighting and fast movement. I was struggling to adjust my shutter speed and f-stops while also moving to get different angles. After the three songs were up, we left and waited for Bastille to come on.

DSC_2226 DSC_2229DSC_2280


Around 9pm, we made our way back to the floor that filled up a lot during Grizfolk’s set. As soon as the house lights went down, the crowd went crazy and soon enough, Bastille came out.

Dan from Bastille!

They opened with “Things We Lost in the Fire,” but I was so busy running around the pit that I barely heard the music. I was concentrating on capturing the different movements and facial expressions of the band members. The lighting for Bastille was worse than the openers. It was very dark with small spot lights, so a majority of my pictures were blurry or dark, but I did manage to get some great ones.

DSC_2376DSC_2461After the first three Bastille songs were over, I was escorted back to the concourse and allowed to return to the floor. I walked around the floor and took some pictures with my phone and small digital camera. I really enjoyed dancing around to “Bad Blood” and then headed up to the second level to join Paulina and Bryana. I got up there, and we were all jamming away. It was such a great view for the second level since the show only half of the arena.


My absolute favorite picture from the night!
My 2nd Favorite Picture


For the rest of the show, we danced and sang along. Some of the biggest highlights was when they sang “Oblivion,” “No Angels” and of course “Flaws.” Then came the encore where they sand “Get Home,” “Of the Night” and finally “Pompeii.” For their final song, they invited Grizfolk to come on stage too.


The final song, Pompeii.

Post Concert
Post Concert

After final bows, we walked back down to the concourse and debated buying merch. Then we saw a small crowd to the right of the merch table. Grizfolk came out and was doing pictures and autographs for the small crowd that was left. Of course, we waited and got to talk and meet the band before getting a picture. I also purchased their EP, and Paulina got their tote bag that they all signed.  After security kicked us out, we wandered into the rain and waited for a little bit to try and see the bands leaving, but of course they pulled away in their tour bus and headed for Center City.

Hanging with Grizfolk!

In the pouring rain, we ran back to towers and got soaked. I stayed up for a while and started looking though my 700 plus pictures I took {yes 700….}. I found some good ones that made me really happy and tweeted some at Bastille using #bastilleamerica. While I was interning today, Bry sent me a screenshot and someone put some of my pictures ob Tumblr- so I guess I am Tumblr famous now?

Press Pass, Floor Wristband, 2 Tickets and Grizfolk EP signed

I am so happy I got a press pass and felt like a legit photographer. I am hoping to have more opportunities like this soon. PR by day and photographer by night!



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