Fall is in the Air

Fall 2Hi!

I am back from my mini-vacation away from blogging. Sometimes life is just too much fun {and too busy} to document on my blog, but luckily, I have pictures from every event along the way. As today marked the end of daylight savings and happens to be a beautiful but blistering windy day- here are things that have happened in the past couple of weeks that have made me happy {in no particular order}.

1. Halloweekend!

Last night wrapped up Halloweekend year 3! It was a great weekend with my friends. I got really creative {insert sarcasm here} and was a dancer for the 100th time. I did buy a new tutu to spice things up compared to wearing my old dance costumes in the past {plus I loved my fake eye lashes… obsessed!}. I was a dancer two nights in a row and as usual- halloween at Temple didn’t disappoint. Some people got really creative and dressed up as gum ball machines, apps, and throwback tv and movie characters. Of course there was also the classics- cat, police officer, nerd, etc. Overall, it was fun weekend spent with my friends!

IMG_0476 IMG_0496 IMG_0604



2. 1989!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months, Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated album 1989 came out on Oct. 27th!! I was extremely excited for it because she has only been putting out a new album every 2 years. This cd is very different than her 4 previous ones- all pop music and she collaborated with well known music producers and seemed to have let go of her original producer, Nathan Chapman. Of course pre-ordered it from Target so I could get the exclusive edition with 3 extra songs and 3 voice memos, and I love it. Some of my favorites are Blank Space, Clean, and Out of the Woods. The album is so different and reflects her personal brand that is constantly evolving. I am still in love with Taylor and can’t wait to see her on tour this summer!



3. Lunch with my Dad

I got to see my Dad this past week. He works in the city and with my class and internship schedule- I haven’t been able to have lunch with him in a while, but we finally met up and got sushi {so good}. It was great to see him and talk for a little since I haven’t been home in a couple weeks. He also brought me somethings I needed from home. Before we left, he insisted we take a selfie {note: he actually said selfie…}. Love having lunch with him and already talked about what restaurant we’d go to next time.



4. VS PINK Event

This year, I am a Street Team Member for Temple’s VS PINK brand ambassadors. We have two official brand ambassadors- Lindsey and Taylor and then they have a group of girls that help them. We just had our first major event- the Campus Light Lift Launch Party at King of Prussia Mall. It was really fun to promote the new bra and meet Villanova’s brand ambassadors and fellow college girls in the area. I wound up winning a $50 Pink gift card and had a mini-shopping spree {my favorite part}.



5. Photoshoot with Kaitlyn Sutton

Every once in a while, I have the chance to take pictures for our yearbook, the Templar. I saw an email about the chance to do head shots for Kaitlyn. She is a Temple alumna and currently works in the marketing department. We met on a beautiful Friday, and I took some pictures of her around campus. Here are two of my favorite shots.


6. Temple 

As usual, Temple never fails to disappoint! They recently launched their new Take Charge campaign and took over all the billboards in the subway station. Then today for brunch, I had an amazing omelette with spinach, broccoli, tomatoes and cheese. It was magical. Lastly, walking back from brunch, I saw this lovely sight of Morgan Hall with the clouds and sun. Temple never fails to make me smile.

IMG_0375 IMG_0595 IMG_0600

So that is a little of my life. Hope you have been having a great start to fall too! I look forward to taking chances and having fun in the city.



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