Discovering Timehop

Normally I am struggling for my phone to have enough storage to take a picture, but somehow I had plenty of storage to download the app, Timehop earlier this week. I know I am behind on the times and the app has been out since 2011, but better late than never.

I linked it with my Facebook and Twitter, and I have seen picturesfrom 7th grade so talk about a blast from the past. Even though I am only 20, it is still so funny to see old pictures. Here are some of my favorites that have come up thus far.



Ahhh my favorite one by far!! Three years ago today, I was accepted to Temple! While it was exciting then, I am 100 times more excited now to be here. In high school, college was important but not my top priority. I applied to 6 schools and never had a top school, but Temple was among my top 3. Choosing to come here was difficult, and I have to admit I almost went to Penn State. Looking back though, I wouldn’t change it if I had to redo everything again. I tweeted a screenshot and got some nice re-tweets and mentions from the Temple University, TempleSMC and Temple Undergraduate Admissions accounts. Always proud to be an owl!



Going along with the whole Temple theme…. gotta love the pictures from the ZBT Yogapants Party freshman year! Always love looking back at nights of going out with my best friends. I’ll always miss those days of getting ready in Hardwick around 9pm, taking pictures by the elevators and meeting up with our best friends from 1940 to walk over to 19th & Berks. Oh the memories!



Hello senior year of high school! Being on the yearbook staff, I attended all of the dances, formals and proms my senior year. Here I am dancing with my best friend, Ilona, at junior prom 2011. Proms are always fun but even more so when you’re with your friends and got in for free.


Here is my new friend that came and went since it was stolen April 2013… but it was a good phone while I had it. Since then I’ve had a few replacements because of technical issues. Overall I love my iPhone and sadly cannot imagine my life without it. Thanks to PR and just technology advances, my phone will probably be one of my friends forever.


And Sesame is never far away. Even though I haven’t worked for a few weeks, Timehop is right there to remind me where Sesame Place all started. Happy 45th Birthday Sesame and here’s to another 45 years of Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster!



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