Finally Fall Break

As a Temple student, I never knew what fall break was. Temple never gave us off a week in late September or October like other schools; the most we got was the Tuesday and Wednesday off before Thanksgiving. This year was the game changer since the university shortened our winter break by a week and added a full week off before turkey day. Like many other students, this break was not only highly anticipated but completely necessary. This semester has been stressful for many of my friends and fellow owls. Just by reading tweets and yik yak, you could see that everyone is exhausted and overworked.

While my plans for break were mostly to eat a lot of food that I didn’t have to buy or swipe my student ID for, sleep in my roommate free bedroom, work at Sesame, see some high school friends and get a jump start on all my final projects before returning to Temple, I was very excited to go home!! I love being at Temple, but sometimes it is nice to get off campus for a bit and recharge at home.

To kick off break, my cousin got married Saturday night at The Merion. I love weddings because they are the perfect excuse to get dressed up in a dress, heels and fake eyelashes and head out with my family. The wedding was beautiful, and the food was even better than the venue. Cocktail hour had everything from lobster, clams and shrimp to dumplings and pasta. The dinner was also good as I ate steak for the first time in months. Of course, dessert was the best as I filled my plate with cannolis, french toast topped with cream cheese and chocolate chips, and fruit covered in chocolate from the chocolate fountain {I guess you can say I love chocolate}. Besides the food, I was so happy to see Adam and Jen get married and catch up with my mom’s family. It was a great night of dancing and lots of food & drink. Congrats Jen & Adam!! And if anyone needs a plus one to a wedding anytime– let me know! 😉

Here is my full album of wedding photos.

Their first dance


The family!
Sister, Sister
Dancing with the groom

After spending all night on the dance floor in my heels and belting out favorites like Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Megan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,” I rolled into Sesame for a full day of working on Sunday. It was our opening weekend of A Very Furry Christmas. As usual, Sesame didn’t fail to have its fair share of challenges and remain busy every minute of my 16.5 hours working there in two days. On the bright side, I worked with my best friends and managed to laugh a little along the way.

Tomorrow, I’ll head to my internship at Braithwaite Communications and work for Undergraduate Admissions on Tuesday then prep for Thanksgiving at my house begins Wednesday. Most importantly, I will finish House of Cards season 2 and have to find another series to watch until season 3 comes out in February. So if you haven’t seen House of Cards yet– find it on Netflix. No matter how many people you have to beg for their Netflix account, this series is worth it!!

Do you have any shows or movies you highly recommend? If so, comment below, and I’ll check them out over break!



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