Great Things Come to Those Who Work Hard

Last Wednesday, I got one of the best emails that changed the rest of my year. I was at my internship at Braithwaite Communications doing follow up calls to the media when I suddenly had 2 emails in my Temple inbox. I usually don’t get too excited over emails. They’re 95% of the time from a store, so I open, browse through and delete them, but no- not this time. I read the email and started tearing up. The first one was from eRezLife and began with “Congratulations!” and then the second one was the from the woman in charge of the Resident Assistant selection process. I put down my laptop and ran into the hallway to call my parents and tell them that I was going to be a RA.

CaptureAfter applying for Resident Assistant freshman year and getting denied and reapplying sophomore year and accepting a position on the alternate list, I was finally chosen to become an RA. Someone chose me for their staff, and I couldn’t have been happier. I was shocked and crying on the phone with my parents as I realized the rest of my junior year was going to change.

I was so happy and was shaking the rest the day as I worked. I just couldn’t believe that I was selected after hoping to receive the same email ever since I accepted the alternate position. But here I am now, preparing to move out of Temple Towers after a great year and a half and onto Morgan Hall South! I am also incredibly lucky to have several friends on my staff including my freshman year roommate, Kathryn!

Good things

Everyone knows the saying “good things come to those who wait.” I waited for 9 months for this amazing email. To suit me better though, I like the quote “great things come to those who work hard” because I never stopped working to be an RA from me reapplying for a second time and going through the grueling interview process to talking to current RAs and asking about their experiences and advice to emailing the people in charge of Residential Life and keeping my name fresh in their minds.

I was also overwhelmed by all the support I received from family and friends when I announced my new position and was welcomed to the Res. Life family by current RAs.

So as fall semester winds down, here’s to new adventures in a new building, getting to meet my staff and residents and living in my own apartment next semester. While this will be quite a journey and I will work even harder next semester than I did this, I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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