Always an Adventure in Philadelphia

IMG_1683So last night, 3 Temple college girls wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate the end of the semester. They got ready in Temple Towers and boarded the Broad Street Line subway into the city. They took a pit stop in Dilworth Park for some pre-dinner photos then got on the Market-Frankford Line to Old City. After walking around for a little bit, they decided to look up the restaurant again on Yelp only to find that restaurant #1 was closed. After some slight frustration, they found another Italian restaurant not too far away.

The three cold and hungry girls walked to restaurant #2, but much to their dismay, it was closed for renovation. At this point, the girls were frustrated, freezing cold and starving. They found restaurant #3 and called to make sure it was actually open. It was going to be a bit of a walk, so they hailed a cab.

This is where the story takes a turn. They got in the cab and gave the driver the restaurant #3 address and included the cross streets. He said okay and started driving. After seeing the direction they were going, the girls all took out their phones and started tracking their location on the GPS. It was clear that the cab driver was going in the opposite direction as the cab was going further and further away from the address. They tried to reason with the driver and help give directions, but he was stubborn and claimed to know where he was going. When he said that they reached the “destination” he was wrong and actually took them to York Street, when they needed York Ave. The girls were angry and hungry. They asked to be brought back to City Hall and needed to find restaurant #4.

The driver drove the girls back to City Hall and ironically drove from 4th street to Broad Street. The girls joked as they literally drove through Temple’s campus and joked to get out and just go to a dining hall instead. When they finally reached good old City Hall, they got out and paid the awful cab driver $4 for a $25 dollar cab. They got out laughed and were in disbelief as to how their night went from great to good to awful so quickly.

They then found restaurant #4 on their phones and walked to said location not too far away. Upon arrival, they found that the restaurant closed at 9:30pm when it said it was open until 11pm online. The waiter said they had a slow night and decided to close early. He pointed the girls to another Italian restaurant a block away. As they walked up to restaurant #5, they found that the restaurant was also closed early.

The girls were freezing cold and have been traveling for over 2 hours and trying to just get dinner in the city. FINALLY they walked to Rittenhouse square and looked at the first restaurant they saw. This was restaurant #6 at this point. They were tired of rejection and walking, so they walked in and got a table. Devon Seafood Grill was the winning restaurant. They were seated, poured water and served fresh biscuits. The girls proceeded to order goat cheese bruschetta. After a mini-photoshoot in the bathroom, the three tired, hungry girls finally ate delicious bruschetta, calms, pasta and chicken.

Post meal, they ordered an Uber that was outside the door and waiting to take them back home. After a night of adventures, they finally made it home safe and sound. They learned to call ahead before venturing out to any restaurants or go out on weekends when things do not close so early.

The end.



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