Finishing Off the Semester

The end of the semester is always stressful. It is when professors rush to finish teaching the last five chapters they outlined in the syllabus, final papers and final exams creep up way to quickly, and panic arises when that A has slipped to a B with little chance of recovering.

Like many college students, I was dreading the end of fall semester. I missed the weeks of reading assignments and knowing I still had time to study, but finals week came and hit me like a wall. It all began when I was at my internship and realized that the next week would be filled with working at Owl Ambassador and studying no more classes or lunch dates with friends.

The worst part of finals week is when every Temple students decides he or she needs to spend several hours on end at the Tech Center when he or she has not stepped foot there since last semester’s finals week. It is beyond frustrating when the Tech Center has 3% availability, and  I just want to get some assignments done. But luckily, I survived all of my finals and final papers. As of 11:07am today, I am officially done!

During finals week though, I did sneak away from campus for some fun because no one can study for over a week straight. So here is a quick recap in picture form {of course}.

Celebratory sushi dinner with Paulina after I got RA



Last day of class with Paulina and Nicole
Last day of class with Paulina and Nicole
Owl Prom
The best co-workers ever



Celebrating Karen’s birthday with the girls
VS Fashion Show Viewing Party

IMG_1781 IMG_1788

Ugly Sweater Party
Ugly Sweater Party
Dinner with the Girls
Dinner with the Girls
City Hall Photoshoot


City Hall Photoshoot



NYC Trip with Paulina and Madison

IMG_2050 IMG_2097 IMG_2103 IMG_2158 IMG_2166 IMG_2175


Studying with Nicole at the library
Studying with Nicole at the library
Me after all my finals were done :)
Me after all my finals were done 🙂

Hope everyone had a great semester. Here’s to days filled with Netflix, working and catching up on sleep. I am freeeee until Jan. 7th when I start RA training!




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