Oh hey hey hey!

Hi Everyone!

Looking at Philadelphia from the 10th Floor of Morgan South

Long time no talk. I am so happy this semester and have a lot to share. I am so lucky this semester for all the opportunities.

First thing first: my classes.  As a junior, I am almost done my major. I am currently in advanced PR writing and surprisingly it is one of my easiest classes. It also is nice because I have a few friends in it. My favorite class hands down is Intro. to Digital Design. I am re-learning photoshop and illustrator and will get to learn in design later this semester. This class makes me genuinely happy, and I love going to the tech center to complete my assignments. Tonight, I began my big photoshop assignment and will be making a Septa bus ad for Capezio dance shoes and wear. Incorporating dance into my classes is hands down my favorite. My other classes are so-so. I am just happy I have friends in all my classes and pretty fair professors.

A sketch for Photoshop class
A sketch for Photoshop class

Internship!! Ahh I love interning at Philadelphia magazine. Being in a new environment took some getting used to, but I love the staff in the marketing and sales departments. I work with 2-3 other marketing interns. We all get along really well and collaborate on assignments. This month kicks several events I will help produce. I can’t wait!

RA Life: Last night was my first night on primary duty! Of course it was eventful, but gotta start with a bang. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful staff. Everyone has been so welcoming the past month and always helps answer my questions and give me advice. My residents are really nice too. I have gotten close with a handful and look forward to getting to know more of them as the semester goes on.

Well life has been pretty fun. I celebrated my mom’s birthday with a family trip to the Franklin Institute. Ate at La Viola in the city with Paulina and Nicole for restaurant week and have a lot going on for the rest of the semester.


Dinner is served
Dinner is served
but always leave room for dessert!
but always leave room for dessert!
my family
my family

I’m going to sleep soon. I set my alarm for 6:38am for my 6:50am HIIT Cycling class. Until next time!



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