Loving My Internships!

First event at Philly Mag!

As a junior, I am really lucky to say that I have really enjoyed all of my internships. I started at The Rock School for Dance Education in the fall of my sophomore year and spent a year there as a community relations intern. I worked with three women and helped with writing grant proposals, updating RSVP and contact lists and direct mailings. I stayed for spring semester and was able to see beautiful performances from their dancers and help with a little of event planning.

Junior year, it was time to move on. I accepted my first public relations internship at Braithwaite Communications and loved it there too. Every day, I was assisting account executives with client work, creating Braithwaite’s social media, contacting the media for client stories and more. I fell in love with agency life and liked the variety of work and ability to use different skills on a daily basis. I also enjoyed always being busy and having task after task. I was sad to leave at the end of the semester but also excited for a new adventure.

Now, I am a Marketing Intern at Philadelphia magazine. My assignments revolve around the upcoming events. As a department, the team puts on about 40 events a year. My assignments range from event prep in the office to being in charge of on site set up, execution and break down.

The first event I assisted with was Philly Cooks last Wednesday. It is one of the biggest events of the spring for the magazine where over 40 of the city’s best restaurants and bakeries serve their best dishes to guests. The event set up began weeks before when all the interns helped with updating vendor sheets and paper work in the office. We also helped creating signage and proof reading all of the documents. On the day of the event, all the interns were all hands on deck at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown where we were assigned tasks such as putting the red roses in the vases, setting up the step and repeat, vendor registration and so much more. During the event, I couldn’t help but be amazed at the transformation of the venue and amount of people and food that filled the room. I was able to walk around and visit many of the restaurant’s tables and sampled their dishes. I went to some tables more than once!! I also assisted the photographer, Nell, with capturing key moments of the night and recording the names of all the attendees photographed- right up my alley!! It was a great event to kick off my internship, and I felt really valued on the team.

Philly Cooks
Setting Up


The Monday/Wednesday Interns [minus Kristen]
The best part of the night- desserts!!

IMG_2416 Last night, Kaylie and I helped run the Be Well Philly Underground Yoga event in the city. We were in charge of transporting all the gift bags, signage and registration materials with the other interns then set up the area before our supervisor arrived. The yoga studio was cute and cozy on the 4th floor of Samson Street. Kaylie and I worked well together and were able to organize all the materials and ran registration of the guests together. Over 50 people attended the hot yoga class, and they all seemed to enjoy the class.

Typical Intern Mirror Picture w/ Chai Tea Latte in hand
Gift Bags for the Yogis

As a marketing intern, I have learned so many new skills and got to meet a lot of hard-working girls from the magazine and local schools. I am also lucky to intern with some other Temple girls too, so we get to travel into the office and to and from events together! I cannot wait to continue my semester at Philadelphia magazine and strengthen my event planning skills. We have a lot of events coming up especially during the Flower Show!! 🙂 Stay tuned.



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