A Day in the life of a Philadelphia magazine Intern



Starbucks-check. Notebook-check. Pen-check. Lincoln Visitor Pass-check.

Just a quick recap of my crazy but amazing day today!

-Wake up 7am
-Get dressed and go down to Morgan Dining for breakfast
-Meet Kaylie at the subway at 8am
-Take the subway south and get off at City Hall
-Get to the office at 8:17 am
-Read through yesterday’s emails and catch up on some quick assignments from Alicia
-Walk over to the large conference room with Kaylie for the 8:30 large monthly meeting with the rest of the marketing and sales departments
-Sit in on the meeting and hear magazine updates from Ashley Patterson {the publisher} and David Lipson (President & CEO}.
-Get preview of May issue from Tom McGrath and meeting ends around 11am
-Go back to my cubicle and answer more emails and complete various assignments ranging from fact-checking ads to preparing for tomorrow nights event by grabbing items from the event closet
-Leave office at 3pm and grab Starbucks across the street with Kaylie and Alicia before catching a cab to Lincoln Financial Field for walk through for an upcoming event along with various sponsors and vendors
-Wrap-up walk trough at 5:23pm and take an Uber back to the city with the girls
-Email my professor for my 5:30 class saying I’ll be late {oops}
-Get on the subway at 5:46 pm
-Get off subway at the Cecil B. Moore stop at 6pm {currently 30 mins late to class… whoops}
-Rush into class in Barton Hall at 6:07 pm
-Present my final group project and leave class at 7:30pm
-Grab a quick dinner at Morgan Dining since I skipped lunch and meet other RAs in the Morgan South lobby at 7:50pm
-Attend RA orientation/staff meeting 8-10:25pm
-Conclude staff meeting and update policy bulletin board and complete RA paperwork
-Read through some emails and decide they can wait until tomorrow
-Lay in bed listening to Of Monsters and Men Pandora and browsing social media and writing and posting this blog post

Finally sleep {maybe eventually}!



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