Resume Makeover!

Resume Old and New
Old Vs New

I made my first resume in my sophomore year of high school. My guidance counselor helped me compose it of all of my activities and later use in my college admission applications. It basically read as a bulleted list of my years involved in theater, chorus, National Honor Society and dance.

Once I came to Temple, I became a member of Temple PRSSA and learned how a resume should be properly formatted. I visited the Career Center on-campus for more advice and to make a professional resume for my Resident Assistant application.

Throughout the semesters, my resume has changed A LOT! I am so proud to have held so many internships, jobs and leadership positions. It felt so weird when I had to take off one of my newer jobs because my resume was just too long! I update my resume constantly but have kept the format pretty much the same.

Then this semester, in my Introduction to Digital Design Tools class, one of our assignments was to make a resume on InDesign. I took full advantage of this assignment to update my resume again and reformat it to have more space and highlight my experiences. I am thrilled with the outcome and cannot wait to use it for future internship and job applications!

How did you set up your resume? Do you have any tips or suggestions for mine? Please share!



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