Happy 1 Year!!

Photo Credit: weheartit.com
Photo Credit: weheartit.com

Happy June 1st and 1 Year of my blog!!

Photo  Credit: pinterest.com
Photo Credit: pinterest.com

I remember last year when I decided to start this blog. It was a way for me to write about my life, share my photos and include on my resume and in interviews. I love blogging about my life events and sharing exciting milestones, concert recaps and everything in between. Now one year after I began my WordPress, I have accumulated over 40 posts and thousands of visitors. Thank you to everyone who has viewed, shared or commented on my blog!! I will be adding a new Photography tab to my blog in the next couple of days!

Now back to June, I love the first of each month. It brings a new month, new memories and new events. This month I am excited to continue working at Sesame with my best friends, work Philly Magazine events, attend  2 Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Concerts in Philly, drive to Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE and finally travel to London, England for 6 weeks with Temple’s Study Away program.

Thanks again for following along with my blog, and here’s to the new year of blog posts and photos!



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