Goodbye Summer

Saying goodbye to Kensington Gardens

Well I had one amazing summer. I was going places non-stop beginning with the Radio 104.5 Birthday Show the day after moving out of Morgan South. Then it was back to Sesame Place for work. I worked a lot except for the days I had off for my concerts. I was so lucky to have seen a huge amount of bands at the Birthday Show then Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift for her 1989 World Tour in Philadelphia then I was at Firefly Music Festival and saw over 50 bands. Following Firefly, I worked a few days then headed to London for my study abroad trip.

Taylor in Philadelphia

I spent 5.5 amazing weeks in London. My final days abroad were spent crossing things off my London bucket list such as a picture at the Temple tube station, eating a real English breakfast, visiting Holland Park and going to Portabello Market in Notting Hill. I was sad to say goodbye to my flat and such a beautiful city.

I have been home in America for a full week now and still have a hard time describing the trip. It was such a magical experience being abroad and exploring London. I still wish I woke up in my London flat and was able to walk around in Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. My jetlag took a bit to get over. For a few days, I was constantly tired and woke up at 6am ready to go, but eventually I got back to a normal sleep schedule.

Big Ben at night
Big Ben at night

Studying abroad and London will always have a special place in my heart. I explored London, Dublin and Paris and saw Taylor Swift in London and Dublin. I met Vance Joy in Dublin. I traveled alone and found my way in a foreign city. In addition, I had such an amazing group of people I traveled with and got to make memories with. I cannot thank my group enough for all the laughs, inside jokes, late night adventures, great food, beautiful pictures and long days walking around London.

My family at the Best of Philly Soiree
My family at the Best of Philly Soiree

Once I came home, I jumped right back into working at Sesame and also worked Philadelphia magazine’s Best of Philly Soiree. Then it was time to pack and move back to Temple. Saturday, I met my new Morgan Hall South RA staff. This year is definitely different with 24 new co-workers, but it has been great getting to know everyone as we all go through training. The training days are long and busy, but my staff has managed to still have fun. I am so excited for my senior year and to bond with my staff and residents.



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