One More Year

Morgan South RAs 2015-16

The last couple of weeks have been crazy. I moved back to Morgan South on August 8th and began fall training. Resident Assistant training consisted of long days of back to back sessions followed by long nights of making door decorations and bulletin boards until 2am with my staff. Once training was over, it was time for move-in. I worked from 7am-2pm helping check in freshmen, distribute the orange carts and welcome my residents onto the 6th floor. Move-in was exhausting, but I am so excited to get to know all of my residents. A few are super friendly and come by my room whenever it is open.

Tonight was rainy, so I stayed in to get some things done, and of course, my door was open. A group of four girls from another floor stopped by my door and asked to come in. They loved my room decorations and as we began talking, they said they remembered me giving them a tour of campus and speaking during the Experience Temple Days in the Just for Students sessions. I was so happy and immediately texted my boss and friends to tell them.

Carrying balloons at the last ETD
Carrying balloons at the last ETD

As a senior, I couldn’t be more sad to leave this campus in May. I will miss the people, campus and opportunities but knowing that I made a difference and was able to help other students will forever make me proud to be #TempleMade.



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