My Last First Day of School

Welp, my last first day of school has come and gone. It is such a bittersweet feeling because I remember freshman year in Hardwick getting ready for class with Kathryn and now here I am five semesters later. Last night as I got out my dance clothes for ballet this morning and ran around the building putting quotes on all my residents and RA’s doors, I realized how fast my time at Temple is running out.

1st Day of Senior Year Ready
1st Day of Senior Year Ready

I definitely don’t feel like a senior {or apparently look like one either}. All throughout Welcome Week I passed as a freshman getting free college t-shirts and getting asked if I’m excited for my first year at Temple. The past three years have flown by though. Filled with packed days going to class, the tech center and gym, changing my class schedule 10 times as new sections opened up and stressing as I figured out what days I wanted to work and intern.

Notes on resident's doors
Notes on resident’s doors

As a senior, I was able to register for some fun classes that I have been begging to get permission to take and that really help balance out my capstone. I am finally am taking my first ballet class at Temple and am so excited to dance again for the first time since senior year of high school. Today, the class was very easy and relaxed, and my professor is focusing on the basics of ballet, which will help me work on my turn out and improve my flexibility. I am also enrolled in two online photography classes and cannot wait to shoot photos around the campus and the city. Being a senior has also brought a lot more wisdom of knowing when readings for a class are important and when I can do well just paying attention in class. I also know to work hard in the beginning of the semester and do my best to get ahead in classes and make it easier for myself later. Tonight I spent over two hours at the Tech Center doing readings and assignments for the upcoming week. I also have all the tricks to saving money on textbooks and got four books from the library instead of buying them on Amazon or from the bookstore.

1st day of school outfit
1st day of school outfit

I cannot believe I am a senior but will do everything I can to make the most out of my last two semesters here. Here’s to a year of adventures, long nights, working hard and following my passions.




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