Labor Day Weekend

The week leading up to Labor Day Weekend was very busy. It was the second weekend of classes, and  turned 21 on Wednesday. I had a hard week of balancing classes and birthday festivities. I went out for my birthday to Maxis and Masters Tuesday night then got dinner in the city with my family at Talula’s Garden and went out that night to Howl at the Moon.

Finally 21!
Finally 21 and allowed in Maxis!
Pasta at Talula’s Garden


My family
Howl at the Moon with Jane, Bre, & Selin

To kick off the weekend, Friday night taking the subway into the city and going to Spruce Street Harbor Park and First Friday with Emma, Taylor, Michael and some of their 9th floor residents. The weather cooperated, and it was great to walk around and finally see Spruce Street Harbor Park all lit up. Then we walked over to First Friday and walked through the streets and stopped to look at all the vendors selling art, jewelry and more.



Paulina, Emma and I


Saturday was the huge Penn State vs. Temple football game. My day began at 9am when I got up to work on some homework and RA program stuff. Then at 11am, I went to breakfast with Paulina, Kate and Erin before getting on the subway for free {yes FREE} but jam packed subway to the stadium. Once we were back above ground, we tailgated and visited friends in various parking lots while enjoying great food and drinks. Closer to the start of the game, we ventured in and found great seats in the student section. The game was off to a rough start with Penn State scoring first. Once the second quarter began, Temple took charge {see what I did there}. I thought the game was going to be closer but was so excited to watch the team win against Penn State!! The crowd was so fired up and security lined up around the field to prevent us from running onto the field.

Paulina and I game ready.
Paulina and I game ready.
A sold out crowd


When security doesn’t mess around.

Right after the game, I hopped on a train home and worked at Sesame 10 hours Sunday and 8.5 on Monday. Of course Sesame was hectic and busy. With almost all of my supervisors back at school and many veteran team members in college, the weekend definitely was challenging. The best part was being reunited with my best friend Ilona. Despite the crowds and issues, we were able to go on break together and watch the fireworks together per tradition.

Sesame Fireworks
Ilona and Me post-fireworks

Now it is time to get ready for another crazy week filled with classes, assignments, meetings, events and maybe sleep {maybe}.



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