Perfect Monday

Well perfect Monday sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? I usually half dread Mondays just because it means my weekend is over and now I am forced to face a jam-packed week. This Monday though started rough but became one of the best Mondays in a long time!

Last night, I came back to Temple at 10pm after working at Sesame and was exhausted from running and closing photo. I showered and sat in my room doing homework until 1am and set my alarm for 6:50am cycling class with my favorite group fitness leader, Abby. So my dreaded alarm went off at 6:20am and I walked to the IBC for a 50 minute cycling class. The class was difficult. After not really working out all summer, it has been difficult to say the least to get my body back in shape. After a lot of sweat and struggling, I made it through Abby’s class and headed over to my ballet class. Class went well, and I was happy we finally began doing more complicated jumps and turns since the class has been moving pretty slow.

Following my 90 minute ballet class, I stopped in the Fruit Bar for a strawberry and banana smoothie before going to my capstone class. Before class began though, I turned on my laptop to purchase Vance Joy tickets for March at the Electric Factory. At exactly 10am, I was able to buy my one general admission ticket! I was so excited to see him again in concert now for the 6th time since I saw him at the Radio 104.5 Birthday show in May, twice at Taylor Swift in June in Philly, then in London and Dublin. So I bought my tickets and was just looking at Twitter as other fans got their tickets and noticed that Radio 104.5 was holding a studio session for him Oct. 14th.

Tickets purchased!
Tickets purchased!

I checked out the contest to win the studio session tickets and all I had to do was listen for a password at 11:40am- easy enough but with so many people trying to win, I knew my luck was not that great. Anyhow, at 11:40am while I was on the subway heading to Philadelphia magazine for my internship, I heard the password was Australia and submitted my name for the contest on Radio 104.5 website.

The contest
The contest
My winning entry!


I got to my cube and was listening on the iHeart Radio app as I began some assignments and heard Wendy Rollins say “We picked a winner for the Vance Joy studio session and Shaun Luberski from Levittown you’re going to see Vance Joy. I hope I said that right but Shaun we’ll contact you about the tickets.” I WAS SOOOO EXCITED! I couldn’t believe I actually won on my first time putting in for the studio session. My hands were shaking as I texted my family and friends then of course came my tweet and Facebook status. I cannot wait to see and meet Vance again in October and am going to bring my mom to see him with me!

Vance and I in Dublin! Cant wait for our new picture together.
Vance and I in Dublin! Can’t wait for our new picture together.
Battle of the Burger

IMG_9135 IMG_9159

Shortly after, I headed to Philadelphia magazine’s event, Battle of the Burger. It was a typical big event day for Philly mag. Alicia and I headed in a Uber over to 23rd Street Armory and helped Nadine, Kaylie and the other interns set-up. The day went really well with very little issues. At 6pm, I was stationed at the registration table and helped check people in and keep a head count. The event went really well, and I was able to sample some yummy burgers from various Philly restaurants. The night wrapped up, and Kaylie and I split an Uber home.

Kaylie and I for our event picture tradition
Kaylie and I for our event picture tradition

Now it is time to head out and celebrate Paulina’s 21st birthday at midnight. Tomorrow will be another busy day at Philly mag followed by me attending a concert at The Mann Center Skyline stage to see Of Monsters & Men again!



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