Of Monsters and Men

My year of concerts continued with me attending Of Monsters and Men last Tuesday night at the Mann Center Skyline stage. Following my full day of interning at Philadelphia magazine, I ordered a Lyft and headed over to Fairmount Park. I arrived at 5:30pm and waited in line for doors to open at 6pm. Once doors opened, I hurried up the hill to the stage but did stop for a quick picture of the skyline. The skyline is definitely my favorite part of going to concerts at the Mann Center.

Philadelphia Skyline
Second row view


I was lucky and got a spot dead center and second row. I love the Skyline stage and saw Sara Bareilles there a couple years ago. Standing room only seating usually isn’t ideal since I am only 5’2″ but being second row is perfect. The crowd was mostly high school and college kids with some older adults mixed in. At 7pm, the opener, Oh Land, came on. She is a Danish singer-songwriter and her band wore white pants and shirts with pink paint splashed all over them. They were a great opener and fit the style of Of Monsters and Men. I didn’t hear of them before the show, but enjoyed their songs.

DSCN3460 Around 8pm, Of Monsters and Men graced the stage and opened with Thousand Eyes. Their set was similar to their Radio 104.5 Birthday Show set that I saw in May. It was so great seeing them perform live though especially because I was so close. In May, I was in the second section and couldn’t see that well. This time, the band was four feet away and even closer at some points when they came to the edge of the stage.

Of Monsters and Men


I have to admit, I do not really know their new album, Beneath The Skin, so I struggled to sing along to some of their songs {but most of the crowd did too}. My favorite songs were “Crystals,” “King and Lionheart,” “Mountain Sound,” and “Dirty Paws.” The crowd agreed too because whenever they played a song from My Head Is An Animal everyone went wild singing and dancing along. The lead singer, Nanna, thanked the audience after every song and was so happy to perform for us.

At 9:20pm, the band played “Six Weeks” then exited the stage. The audience went wild chanting “One more song” and two minutes later, Of Monsters and Men came back for a three song encore. I wish they could’ve stayed all night and played both albums from top to bottom, but Nanna did say they’d be back in Philly again! Once they left the stage, I went against the guardrail and was able to get a set list from one of the breakdown crew members. I love having the set list to recall what songs they performed.


Of Monsters and Men are just as good live as they are on their albums. I am so glad I discovered them freshmen year on Pandora and have been in love with them since. I think at this point, I have been to about ten concerts this year so far and still have Zedd and Vance Joy at his Studio Session to go. 2015 continues to be my year of non-stop concerts, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!



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