Chopped for CHOP

Before and After
Before and After

Yesterday, I participated in Hootathon, Temple’s dance marathon. All proceeds from the marathon go to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Part of the event is haircutting where anyone who wants to donate gets to stand on stage and donate 8 inches of hair to make wigs for sick children. Since I was at the event and my hair was super long and wasn’t been cut since March, I decided to donate! I donated with my friends Nicole Ludwig, Lily and Nicole Barth. I was a little on the fence at first and didn’t realize how much 8 inches was but decided to go for it. All the donors got their hair measured and stood on stage as one by one we got our ponytails cut off. It was really exciting and people in the audience were cheering and clapping for us. Besides standing and dancing for 12 hours while fighting a cold, I was able to donate my hair for the first time ever and provide a wig for a child in need. It was a great night, and I am so glad I was able to donate money and my hair to those in need. The best part was the end of the night when the executive board revealed that we all raised $280,620.76 and crushed our goal of $215,000!

Nicole L. and I pre-hair cut
Nicole B. and I post-chop
Nicole L. and I post-chop
Hootathon raised $280,620.76 and beat its $215,000 goal!



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