Updated Resume!

As a PR student, I updated my resume a lot. It is really important to add new details about my jobs and positions and show my growth. All semester, I have been meaning to clean-up my resume and kept forgetting to add my London study abroad. I began applying for spring internships and received some edits for fellow Philly mag workers. It was finally time for me to refresh my resume.

After emailing Philly mag’s graphic designer, Brandon, I finally sat down with him and revised my resume I made last spring in my digital design tools class. My resume has come  along way from my freshman year Word doc one. I was really happy with my current resume because I created it in InDesign and picked out all the fonts and to make it fit my personality. After going through my resume with Brandon though, he gave me a lot of tips and suggestions to make it easier to read. I used simpler fonts, changed the wording for some of my bullet points and added some bold and all caps text to highlight my experiences. Below is the newest version then older of my resume. I am so glad to have my resume updated and ready to take on spring internship interviews {and later big girl job interviews eek!}.

New Resume
New InDesign Resume
Old Resume
Old InDesign Resume
My original Microsoft Word Resume
My original Microsoft Word Resume



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