Countdown to Firefly


There are few music experiences in my life can be compared to the Firefly Musical Festival. The only one that comes close are the Taylor Swift concerts I go to because she is hands-down my favorite artist. Other than Taylor, all the concerts I go to each year {and there are a lot} cannot add up to what Firefly is. A concert is maybe a five hour experience. If doors open at 6 pm, then you wait for an hour inside the venue and the opener comes on around 7pm followed by the headliner at 8pm. Firefly though is a five day experience.

On our way!

The first time I went to Firefly in 2014, I didn’t know what to expect. A few weeks before the festival, my friends and I began a group text to work out the logistics. We figured out who would bring what, who was going to drive and what time we would meet. Then the night before, my friend, Anastasia, and I went to the store and pick-up all the last minute items like sunscreen, bug spray, s’more ingredients and glow sticks. Then the next day we all met at Anastasia’s house, packed the car and began our journey to Dover. The car ride was fun with the windows rolled down, and we blasted CDs filled with bands we would be seeing in the next few days. We had premium camping, so we got there Wednesday night {the best way to camp!} and set-up our tent right away and chilled that night.

Firefly 2014 Crew

The next day began seeing band after band kicking off with the Kongos on the main stage. The best part of going in a group of five was we were able to split up and see the bands we wanted to, but there was always someone who would go with you.

The Woodlands are magical.

The days are super-long but worth it. The hot, June sun makes the tent super-hot by 7am, so once you feel it, you wake-up and go outside to feel the breeze. Then comes making breakfast {usually cereal or some fruit} and hanging around until the festival opens and then the first bands of the day come on around 12pm. My friends and I stayed in the festival the whole day going from band to band. We did take some breaks to get food and would just go sit in the grass and listen from afar. By the time the last band ends, it is almost 2am, so we would walk back to our tent and pretty much go right to sleep.

Imagine Dragons
Third Eye Blind

Some of my favorite bands to see that year were Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers, Cash Cash and Pretty Lights. The five days in The Woodlands were spent walking from stage to stage, dancing and singing along and sometimes eating. Being in the festival, you truly feel like you are in another world. I had my phone on airplane mode 80 percent of the time because what is going on in the real world does not really matter {and it is annoying to wait to charge your phone}. I also learned I was capable of going 5 days without a shower {don’t judge} even though I am usually always washing my hands and making sure I’m squeaky clean. Also, my hair looked like I was growing dread locks, but hey, it is all part of being at a music festival and camping.

4 days of Firefly, flower crowns & music
Essentials: wristband & flash tattoos

Then last year, I attended with my friend Bekah. I drove my little red car down to The Woodlands. It was a very different experience going with just one person than a group. We had a lot of fun and made a great effort to see all our favorite bands. The best part of 2015 was the lineup for sure! Bastille and Hozier are two of my favorite artists. I would’ve gone to Firefly just for them. I also got to meet and have Bastille sign my CD, which was pretty awesome.

Bad Blood signed CD


Matt & Kim

I really liked Zedd, Matt & Kim, The Killers, Walk the Moon, Foster the People and Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness. It was another great year {despite the crazy thunderstorms and rain}. Bekah and I also talked to more people than I did the year before, which was pretty cool.

I am so ready for Firefly round 3! Through I do not know who I am going with, I know it’ll all work out by June. Only 108 more days until 2016!



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