Week 13 Complete

Another great week and weekend is coming to a close. As graduation approaches {way too quickly}, I am making the most of my time left at Temple. My weekend kicked off with a Friday night out with my friends at Frankford Hall, a beer garden in Fishtown. It is a rare occasion now for all four of us to be together between work schedules, internship events and trips home, but we all managed to get out and enjoy a night out. While my friend enjoyed various types of beer, I got really good sangria and munched on french fries. We played jenga outside on the picnic tables under the warm heaters.


Emma, Me, Paulina and Kate

Saturday morning kicked off with me working Saturday Preview Day for admissions. While it was a little hard getting up before 8am after going out, work was well worth it, and I met a lot of eager high school juniors, who seemed to really enjoy campus.

FullSizeRender (1)
Selfie with Maria before going out on tour!

After work, I rushed home to get ready for my graduation photo shoot. After many group texts, Kate, Paulina, Emma and I hired a photographer, picked out locations in Center City and on-campus and coordinated outfits. We met our photographer in Rittenhouse Square and found some pretty backgrounds then headed to the center of Broad Street with City Hall in the background and location of many photos after dinners in the city. We walked to Dilworth Park to shoot some photos at the LOVE statue and played in the water fountains before heading back to campus. Once on-campus, we hit the famous spots of the Bell Tower, TU Big Chairs, Alumni Circle and the gates at Polett Walk. Our last couple shots included the famous Breakfast Club fist pump and throwing up peace signs and made me tear up a little knowing my time at Temple is almost over and soon it wouldn’t be my home. To end on a high note, we all broke out bottles of champagne and popped the bottles. We tired to do it simultaneously, but Paulina’s bottle shot off first followed by Kate’s before we even took the video. Emma and I had our bottles under control and shot them off before drinking some champagne as the sun began to set. We ended the shoot with some Maxi’s pizza.

Me, Emma, Kate and Paulina squished in the back seat
We made it!
Chilling in the Dilworth Park fountains

After getting some homework done at the Tech Center, I headed out again with a different group of friends to…. none other than Frankford Hall again. The night started out interesting when I sat in a car seat in the Uber. Once we got there, I ordered another sangria and settled bu the fire pit with my friends. The best part about Frankford Hall is how chill it is and just about good conversations and drinks.



My lazy Sunday began with a smoothie and cleaning my apartment. Over the course of the week, my apartment gets a little messy, so usually on Sunday mornings, I tidy up and sweep my floor. To take it a step further, I also started to reorganize and pack up things I don’t need the next few weeks. I always dread moving out of my apartment because it is such a hassle, so I decided to be proactive and start packing early. I also worked on my Firefly Music Festival task 9, which consisted of me making the logo with any materials I want. I chose to finger paint with green, yellow and white paint and outline it with some branches I pulled off of the bushes outside {sorry Temple landscapers}. Then I headed to the Philadelphia Zoo for the first time in a very long time with my Co-RA Annelise and a group of residents. We lucked out with a beautiful day and walked around a lot as I saw the giraffes, polar bears, penguins and tigers. After the zoo, I ran to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and sat there for a bit to soak up the view as the sun was setting. The view of the city from the steps is one of my favorites.

My Firefly logo


Snapchatting zoo animals
Run complete!
A perfect view

It was a great, busy weekend. I am ready to tackle my last week of classes {eek} and interning and already have plans to go out to properly celebrate around campus. I know I am not ready to say good-bye to my internships, so it’ll definitely be a tough week.



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