I did it!

Graduation came and went so quickly. Thursday was my student honors convocation at the Temple Performing Arts Center. My parents and I headed over and met my friend, Erin, before walking in. The ceremony was short and sweet. Each dean called up all the students from his or her school or college, and we were given our cords by President Neil Theobald. Afterwards, I took pictures around campus and headed back to my apartment to pack and send home the rest of my stuff home with my parents.

Receiving my honors cords from President Neil Theobald

Later that night, Kate, Paulina, Emma and I headed to The Draught Horse for one last time before we graduate.

13179326_10207532070074655_6496114432858581599_nFriday was the beginning of a long day. It all began waking up at 7am and getting a shower and rushing around my room with Paulina getting ready. We headed over to Kate’s for eggs before walking {sliding} into the Liacouras Center loading dock to line up for Main Commencement. Once in there, we found our people from our school and took some pictures before heading onto the floor and finding our seats. The ceremony was shorter than I expected. Phillip Richards gave a great speech as did student speaker and fellow RA Yanna Savkova. The best part was towards the end when Temple alumna Tamron Hall confirmed our degrees then President Neil Theobald told us to move our tassels from the right to the left.

Celebrating after Main Commencement

After Main Commencement, my family and I grabbed lunch at the Draught Horse and attempted to take pictures around campus despite the rain and wind.


Later in the afternoon was my school’s ceremony. There was way more people graduating from SMC than I thought. Before and after the ceremony, I spent time walking around to friends and saying hi. Immediately after, Kate, Paulina and I found each other on the floor and had our families come down for pictures.

Luberski Family
Our caps

Graduation wasn’t as sad as I thought it would be. Maybe it is because I’ve been crying on and off for the past month. After talking with friends, it seems like it won’t hit me until August when I’m not packing up my belongings and getting ready to move back to campus. For now, I am home, redecorating my bedroom, working three jobs and still on the search for a full-time position. I’m eager to see where I end up working and know Temple will always be my home away from home.




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