Post-Grad Life

The past few weeks since graduation have been busy for me but is anyone surprised? Following my Temple graduation, I moved out of Morgan Hall South and back home with my parents. Since I came back with a ton of stuff, I redid my room for the first time in forever and took down old posters and pictures and replaced them with my wall decorations and lights from college. I also threw myself right back into working. I’ve been splitting my time between working at Sesame Place as an Assistant Supervisor of Rentals & Reservations, Owl Ambassador at Temple, Hostess with ShutterBooth and doing marketing for Arts + Business Council.

In my “spare” time, I have been applying and following up with jobs since I neglected to do that my last few weeks of college since I was more concerned with spending time with friends and completing all of my “lasts” at Temple. Working multiple jobs at once has been stressful especially with all of the commuting and the lovely SEPTA delays, but I do make time to see friends both at home and on-campus and even take walks with my mom.

First week at home included coming home to a decorated house, a trip back to Temple for work, homemade banana walnut bread and a trip to the Divine Lorraine for their open house.

The weather in mid-May was warm but not too hot, so my mom and I took several walks along the tow path. I also began working ShutterBooth events almost every weekend at different venues in Philly but still made time to celebrate friend’s birthdays and reunite with my best friends!

I made it back to Temple for a Cardio Barre class, watched the sun set at my sister’s soccer game and worked Art + Business Council’s Awards Celebration 2016 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Last week, I went to the beach for the first time this season and began working on my tan, worked an event at Morgan’s Pier and then at the Lowe’s Hotel Philadelphia.

Memorial Day Weekend consisted of working Sesame with Erica & Anastasia, a trip to Philly to see Nicole and Trevor and tasting my dad’s homemade guacamole for the first time.

Post-grad life doesn’t feel that much different than last summer except for the constant questions about “how was graduation” and “what are you doing now.” It has been nice to be home, but I do miss seeing my Temple friends, swiping for meals with my meal plan and being able to walk to the free gym. I am making the most of my summer and planning beach days, a music festival, concerts and lots of hang-outs both at home and in Philly! Here’s to summer 2016 and whatever is coming next!




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