This morning as I waited for my train, I checked my Timehop and saw that a year ago today, I was in London, soaking up my final night. I was not ready to leave and did everything I could to make the most of my final night. After having dinner with all my friends from my program, we hung out in the living room, telling stories of our favorite memories of the summer. One by one, people started leaving to finish packing and get ready for their flights out the next morning. I, on the other hand, was not tired and had an evening flight the next day. Once everyone went to bed, I decided to take the 24/7 bus to see Big Ben, the London Eye and Trafalar Square at 3am.

The London Eye at night.

While my parents thought I was crazy and were worried about my safety from across the pond, I felt so free, happy and peaceful walking around London alone. The streets were quiet and it was just me and the buildings. It was the best way I could say goodbye to a city I called home for six weeks. The next day,  helped all my friends move their suitcases down four flights of stairs until Erin and I took the tube to the airport that evening. I was sad to leave and wish summer wasn’t coming to a close.

Most of my program group at our last dinner together in London.

Fast forward a year later, I’m sitting on my bedroom floor typing this and wondering where time went. In the past year, I have accomplished so much with some of the major highlights being graduating college and accepting a full time job. This year has flown by. I’ve already been at Philly mag for almost two months and next month I’ll be 22. Working 8+ hours a day at my desk doesn’t exactly compare to sightseeing in London everyday, but I’m excited to continually learn more everyday and better understand sales and the publishing industry.

Time is moving way to fast and everything is reversed. After moving home, I visit Temple as much as I can to see my friends while they still live on-campus. Even that is ending soon and campus will just be a place where I used to go to school, meet up with friends for meals and go out on the weekends. Life is changing way too fast but luckily I have great people who are always there to offer advice, keep me sane and of course, pick me up from the train station no matter what time I wind up coming home {Thanks Mom, Dad & Alexa}!





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