Post- College Blues

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while, but I’m back and blogging. In the past couple of months, a lot has happened. I started working at Philadelphia magazine in June and have adjusted to commuting to Philly via good old SEPTA daily. I got so used to my 7 minute drive to Sesame Place or a short 15 minute subway ride to my internships, so my new commute was a big change.

I also got another part-time job shooting events for Xfinity Live {that’s job number four in case you were counting}. I am happy to be back doing more photography on the side. This weekend included Xfinity events, a bridal show for Philadelphia Wedding and Brooklyn Brewery Mash Tour in Northern Liberties and Fishtown.

Xfinity Live’s En Vivo Festival crowd panoramic
Bridal show with my work wife, Giovanna
Brooklyn Beer with my parents

The past couple weeks have been insanely busy. It’s my busy season at work as a lot of my publications are closing the next couple weeks. I also have had a bunch of after work events and shooting events on week nights and weekends. The good part is that I am finally using my new laptop I got for Christmas and am able to edit photos really quickly. I’ve also been taking advantage of whatever free time I have and am going back and editing photos that have been sitting on my old computer for years. Tonight, I edited David Cook photos from the spring and am currently working on Bastille from junior year. My favorite part of editing photos in finding gems like the ones below that I didn’t realize I took.

With all this craziness with my jobs, I still have post college blues. I miss Temple and still visit once in a while to see friends and go to the gym, but I wish I was back on-campus for another year. Seeing all my old photos on Timehop and my friends’ SnapChat stories the past couple of weeks made me miss my friends, RA training, move-in and Welcome Week. It’s still hard to believe I was moving into Hardwick Hall four years ago and how much I’ve learned, grown and experienced since then. For me, saying goodbye and watching friend after friend go back to school, move to another city for graduate school or a new job has been really difficult. I am used to saying bye to friends for the summer but once August rolled around, we all came back to campus. It’s not the same anymore. The transition has been hard socially. It was much nicer when I would text or GroupMe my friends daily to get lunch or dinner with and go to the Tech Center. Now it’s planning dinner dates weeks in advance and trying to find time to hang out. Things are changing, but hopefully everything works out!

Here’s to my last couple days being 21, enjoying what’s left of summer and a fall full of concerts!



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