For many people Friday means WEEKEND aka no work, free time, relaxation etc. But for some, like me, it means more work. I am currently working full time at Philly mag as well as a few part-time jobs. I love it because my jobs are fun and related to photography, one of my passions but some days the hours are long. Some weeks I work seven days a week and other weeks, I work double days where I put in a full day at Philly mag then going to an event or shoot at XFINITY Live. The days are long and busy, but so worth it because I love the people I work for.

On Friday, I went right from work, met up with my friend Lauren and had Hip City Veg for the first time, then hopped in an Uber to go to the Mann Center to see The Lumineers. I was so excited for this concert ever since I heard they were coming to Philly back in June. A couple years ago, they played at Firefly Music Festival. I actually was with Lauren that year, and our friends and I didn’t really love the band. We went into the silent disco and when we came out, their set was on. Lauren and I sat in a hammock by the main stage and listened to them play “Ho Hey” and then went about our day. I wish I would’ve known more about them a couple years ago!

I got my tickets back in June, and the week leading up to the show, Radio 104.5 was giving away meet and greet passes. Despite all my entries and tweets {that were favorited by both Radio 104.5 and The Lumineers} I didn’t win but was still very excited for the show. Lauren and I went to the show and actually got upgraded seats because of an obstructed stage view so that was pretty nice!

The show was incredible! Rayland Baxter and BØRNS were the openers and were great. Then The Lumineers came on around 9:30pm and played a long and killer set. They did all my favorites: “Cleopatra,” “Slow It Down,” “Dead Sea” and closed with “Stubborn Love.” I loved watching them and hearing the background behind some songs from the lead vocalist, Wesley Schultz. Towards the end of their set, the whole band came to a stage in the middle of the venue and played “Classy Girls,” and I ran right up to the barricade. I am so glad I went to the show and cannot wait to see them again!

After a long day Friday, I slept in a little Saturday then headed into the city to pick up the photo booth for a wedding at the Ballroom at the Ben in Center City. The wedding was beautiful, and I mastered setting up a closed booth thanks to my boss’ instructions and pictures via text. Trust me, it is harder than it looks!


Then finally Sunday, I photographed the Eagles vs. Browns game. Everywhere on XFINITY Live was packed, and I had to move around like I was back in a frat basement {beer spilled on the floor included}, but full events make shooting easy and look great in pictures.


That’s the end of my weekend. Now I am working on editing the photos from today to send over to XFINITY Live and will get ready for work tomorrow. Happy Sunday!






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