Cheers to Another Weekend

January is flying by! In college, my semesters flew by because I lived week to week seeing what assignments were due for classes and before I knew it midterms were happening and then finals. My planner has replaced my  classes syllabi now, and I follow it to see how busy my week will be. This week was scheduled to work seven days, but everything went smooth, and I never felt stressed or overwhelmed. Here’s a quick recap of my weekend.

Friday: After work, I went to a local gym for a three day trial with Erica. It was nice and felt so good getting back to a normal gym for the first time since August.

Saturday: I began cleaning my room once I got up and am working on reorganizing different areas. Today my focus was clothes and I sifted through my closet and pulled out anything too small or that I didn’t wear anymore.

For a while, I talked to my mom about making a blanket out of some of my Temple t-shirts since I accumulated so many {65 to be exact!!}. So after talking to friends, I learned about Project Repat from my friend Amanda and chose which shirts I wanted sewn into a blanket. I gathered 21 total shirts and decided on this layout and cannot wait to get the finished product back in the mail!

img_8024 img_8029

After cleaning, I met Erica at the gym. The woman at the front desk upgraded our three day free trial to a 30 day one! We chose to begin with some cardio on the spin bikes and finished with abs and arms. I can’t wait to work out everyday {well almost everyday}.


Right after the gym, I came home, showered and drove down to XFINITY Live to shoot night photos of people in their bars. It was my first time there shooting something other than a sports crowd or event. I brought along my new external flash. I enjoyed shooting the crowd and live band and learning to adapt to the lighting inside.

dsc_9783 dsc_9730

Sunday: Day 7 of 7! On my way to work today, I walked through Rittenhouse Square and saw this sign on the statue leftover from the Women’s March on Philadelphia the day before. After seeing post after post from my family and friends who marched in Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles and others, I was so overwhelmed with happiness, respect and pride for all the women {and men} who marched. I hope to be apart of any future marches.


Today, I was back with my Philly mag family for our first ever Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux event at The Rittenhouse. The morning began with set-up and carefully opening the bottles of wine for each table. Once the event began, guests poured in {pun intended} and filled the newly renovated ballroom. The whole event was beautiful and classy. I tried both red and white wines. While I still am not a big fan of the reds, I did LOVE the sweet white wines I tried and hope to have them again.

img_8044 img_8047 img_8048

This weekend reinforced my favorite quote, “Do it with passion or not at all.” It’s so important to me to do things I love because it really doesn’t feel like work. I didn’t mind working all week because I love photography and events. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given to be creative, work with clients in various industries and learn from the best! I cannot wait to see what the year brings and am excited to take every chance I can to learn and develop my skills.



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