65 t-shirts –> Quilt

For anyone who knew me in college, I was constantly collecting Temple t-shirts {and mostly free ones}. It all began at Temple Fest freshmen year where everyone from the Gen Ed table to Chabad was handing out shirts. Then came Convocation where I got a shirt for the School of Media and Communication, and it piled on from there. For every campus event, sporting event and on-campus job, I was bringing home cherry and white shirt after cherry and white shirt.
Once I moved home after graduation, I finally had all my t-shirts in one place and counted them. I had 65 t-shirts in total. Since I wasn’t wearing all of them and most were for specific events like Homecoming or Temple Made Live, I decided to get a quilt made of all my memories because I didn’t want to get rid of the shirts. My mom and I decided it would be my graduation gift.
All my Temple t-shirts stacked.
After talking to my friend’s sister, I was introduced to Project Repat and went on the site to find out how to get my t-shirts turned into a quilt. It was very easy. I counted how many shirts I wanted in the quilt and ordered a twin size quilt with red fleece on the back. Project Repat’s website had easy step by step directions on how to cut and ship my shirts. I decided on the layout below, took a picture and shipped them my shirts.
24 shirts summing up 4 years at Temple

In less than a month, I received my beautiful quilt. It was perfect! All my shirts looked great, and the company did an incredible job. I am so glad Amanda recommended Project Repat to me, and I highly suggest them to anyone who was to turn their t-shirts into a memory filled quilt.

My finished quilt!



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